Healer’s Art Quotes

• “Allow me to open my heart to your truth no matter how painful. Make me an instrument of your peace. Give me courage to look into each person’s eyes. .Grant me patience when I am rushed. Provide me with a beginner’s mind today and all days.”


• “Help me cause no harm. Guide me in healing others. Allow me to help. Remind me to show empathy and act on my appropriate emotions. Grant me wisdom. Provide for me the strength to do good. Save me from wrongdoing. Let me care for those that come to me for help. Keep me humble, smart and brave. Forgive me for my errors and sins. Give me hope, courage and a chance to change the things I can change.”


• “As I journey through medicine, give me the strength to listen to those around me, especially my patients. Allow me the perseverance to never give up on myself or others during difficult times. Allow me to remember those who helped me get this far and to show them my gratitude. Remember why I fought so hard to get here. Be someone the world can be proud of. May I see the good in others even when it is hidden.”


• “May I treat everyone with the utmost compassion, regardless of their background.”


• “Help me fix what I can, not worry about what I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


• “May I strive to love all, trust few, and know when it is appropriate to open myself to others. Remember those who have shaped me, for good or bad.”


• “May I have the space in my heart for each human being I touch. Give me confidence in my wisdom and knowledge. Allow me to spread kindness through my words, my eyes and my presence. May I use myself to full capacity to serve. May each person feel the warmth of my heart to the fullest extent without exception. Allow me to care for myself, for without contentness in myself I won’t be able to give love to others. Give me the strength to face obstacles and challenges with courage and fortitude. Allow me to receive love and give love.

May I always listen without only hearing. May I put my patients’ comfort first. May I always appreciate the small things. Give me the strength to give my all, even when I feel my own small problems are too overwhelming. May I remember and seek the things that keep me grounded. May I take my time. May I make a difference in my patients’ lives. May I spend a thought each morning and each evening on gratitude and the realization that I am so lucky to be where I am in the service of something worthy.”


• “May I drink when I am thirsty, heal when I am hurt, and recenter when I feel off. May I have the courage to work to live with an open heart and with joy in my actions. May I relish the small, yet understand their smallness. May I express life through action and use my actions in the service of life. May I return to wonder, awe, sadness, and suffering understanding the important of these flavors to a whole life. May I stay healthy and happy, keep my word and my smile, fight for what’s right and love when it’s hardest.”


• “I vow to treat my patients with purity of intent to serve, honour and help; to use my competence to the utmost of my patients’ benefit; to be fully present and muster all of my humanity at all times in serving my patients.”


• “I vow to myself to never give up on optimism, vivacity, possibility (whatever that means), and never become jaded, crude or crass; to never let fear nor courage steer me astray; to never stop learning and enriching my being for the sake of my patients and myself; to never cease making connections, reaching out and nurturing relationships, imagination, creativity, possibility and whatever it means to be fully human.”


• “May my journey in this field of service be filled with these things: Gratitude for the lives I meet, Humanity in all that I do, Appreciation for the beauty and stories of others.”


• “May I always remember to fight for those who do not have a voice, educate and empower those that I can, treat all with equality and heartfelt care, be kind even at the most unkindly times.”


• “May my service be filled with daily reflection and love.”


• “Strengthen me to always do my best- no matter who I am treating. Allow me to listen regardless of the time or how tired I become. Give me the patience to be kind regardless of right or wrong. Allow my goals to be of the interest of my patients, not my reputation. Give me the strength, perseverance, charm, to smile when the world is not turning my way. Give me the skills, training, focus necessary to be the best that I can be. Let me be a source of a smile for my classmates, colleagues- never a burden or an unwanted sight. Give me the heart to keep smiling.”


• “Help me to be kind above all else, in whatever form it may come in. Help me to value human life and respect a person’s desires, their priorities “what matters to you most”? Help me to extend an upturned palm to all those in need. Help me to love fully, love my patient’s and my work, my life and my family. Help me to be a comfort, a healing force wherever I go however I can and whoever I speak to. Help me to always strive to be a better doctor a better healer every day without failure.”


• “There is nothing I can do beyond what I can do. My oath is to do it. Always. Wholeheartedly, even in times when trepidation fills me to the core. Always. Just doing. Doing. Doing. Being. There is nothing more and I won’t fight that, but I will never stand idly by either.”


• “Give me the courage to look into the eyes of the weak and vulnerable and the strength to not look away. Give me the will to always seek justice and the determinations to never give up. Allow me to slow down and listen in a way that connects me to my patients and brings them healing. Let me accompany them through this journey.”


• “May I always treat others with respect. May I see others for who they are on the inside. Help me look past difference to find commonalities with others. Help me relate to those unlike me. May I always listen- really listen- to those who need me. Help me not always problem solve but solve when it is right. Give me strength to forgive and accept. May I find a way to make equity a reality.”


• “May I never forget to reach those in need. Help me to show compassion, empathy and inspire trust and hope in those I wish to heal. I must always treat patients as if they were a family member or friends. May I always remember the stories that are behind every person and their disease. Allow me to continue being in awe of the human body and curious about ways in which to cure what ails my patients. May I always remember how fortunate I am to be here. Allow me to treat each patient with patience and kindness. Strengthen me to listen to each patient actively and with an open mind. Give me the wisdom to re-evaluate my meaning and purpose in medicine- and to ask the deep questions that are necessary for improvement of my self and my profession. Help me to cure when there is a cure, to heal when there is none. Allow me to guide my patients through illness and help me to give them peace and fulfillment in death.May I be reminded of my own flaws and humanity to keep me humble. Help me to do my best. Help me stay focused. Help me keep the well-being of others a major focus. Help me stay grounded. Help me always consider the thoughts and feelings of others. Help me have respect for all. Help me always appreciate the life I have been given. Free me from the constraints of convention. Instill in me the power of persuading others with heart and intellect to make medicine whole. Slow me down to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.”


• “Help me to recognize others’ suffering, even if it is not in the physical sphere. Grant me courage to share ideas that are philosophical in nature, yet have true practical importance. Let me not get discouraged by the sheer amount of information and misinformation, and the infinite possibilities of which only one will come to fruition. Strengthen me to provide emotional and spiritual treatments that do no harm. Allow me to pursue justice and health for each of my patients, to my utmost ability. Allow me to live the values of my profession each and every day, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Allow me to focus on the human elements of medicine, both in myself and in my patients. Allow me to perform my job, and to live my life, at all times with the utmost integrity. Allow me to love my patients as if they were my family, and to care for my family as if they were my family. May I always be honest. Give me the strength to find compassion for every soul I interact with. May I feel the pain and the joy of those I seek to heal. May I be released from the agony of that empathy. Give me the strength to face my fear of not being liked. May I find myself in my work in the world. May I also find myself outside of that work in music and love.”


• “May I never falter in providing the utmost compassion to my patients. Give me the strength to truly hear and process each thing my patient has to say, letting itself imprint on me and in turn giving a piece of myself to my patient. Allow me to remember that this person seeking my guidance is a parent, sibling, child and friend with experiences that I may never be able to guess at. May I allow this knowledge and acceptance to properly influence my standard of care, giving me compassion and motivation to form relationships with my patients that will enhance their faith in me. Give me the confidence to have faith in myself, my abilities, my knowledge, and my humanity, and let those be my only guides in my clinical practice.”


• “Help me to find what it is I really want to do in life. May I have the strength to choose what is best for me. Help me to succeed as a PhD student. May I be happy during those years, and beyond. Help me to find comfort and love in this city and beyond. Give me strength to make the journey and fruitful.”


• “Help me to treat everyone the same. May I always put the will of God above my own. May I live a life that’s pleasing to Him. Help me to put others before myself. Help me to put family first. Give me the patience to be understanding and compassionate. Help me to love my enemies as I love myself. Help me to truly accept and love myself because I am a child of a King. Strengthen me to truly love others; unconditionally and unselfishly. Make me the best physician that I can be. Let me run this race ‘til the end and give me the endurance to finish. Help me to make my patients feel comfortable with opening up to me no matter how different our backgrounds are. Strengthen me to provide a practice where utmost efficiency is strived for so that our patients’ precious time is respected. Allow me to work across different specialties and professions to provide our patients the most well-rounded care.
Grant that I may never disregard my patients’ feelings and concerns. Allow me the time and ability to lend my ear and undivided attention. Strengthen me so that I may strengthen and empower others. Give me the chance to give my patients the freedom of choice. May I never disregard my own needs, and my desire to serve. Help me steer away from harm and materialism. Allow me to give my patients what they need to live the life they want to live. Give me the strength to not let my personal struggles affect my ability to provide the most optimal care to my patients. Show me how to deliver bad news in a way that is most helpful and least detrimental. Give me kind, caring, generous mentors.”


• “Help me to endure the challenges of everyday life so that I can help others. Help me to see the good in people when I want to misread them. Help me to remember my privilege so that I can understand my reactions. Show me who I want to be so that I can live up to that expectation. Show me how to be happy so I can better accomplish my goals. Show me what my patients experience so I can serve them better.Teach me to be kind. Teach me to want more. Teach me I am enough. Teach me how to ask/listen/question and answer. Teach me when to stop. Teach me when to stand and fight. Teach me when to walk away. Teach me to love.I will be brave and confident to do the things I know to be right, to make friends, to find meaning and passion. I will find love. I will take care and help others to the best of my ability. I will listen to others with an open heart. I will not give up. I will try to stay healthy. I will always be happy. I will always be thankful. I will always love others.

Allow me to remember and retain the humanity of each patient. Strengthen me to use the vocabulary to associate each individual as a human, first and foremost. A sister, an uncle, a best friend; or just as importantly, none of the above. Strengthen me to provide the care as THEY ARE who they are, not, never, a body hooked up to IV webs and sensors and monitors.
Help me acknowledge, always, their values, to listen- both to their voices as well as their nonverbal cues- and to personalize their care as they, a person, deserve it to be personalized.
Allow me to recognize the demons and troubles that haunt people, that creep into lives by circumstance and by just plain un-understandable chance. Allow me to always remember the biopsychosocial self, the humanity and thus the humanities, of the field of medicine.

May I always pursue care for all of humanity equally, paying no respect to barriers like money, gender, race, sexuality etc. Show me the path to inspire others to do the same, to help those who cannot help themselves. Give me the courage to be patient, and resilient, to fight rough incoming challenges with integrity and faith. May I always have the ability to stop for a moment, bathe in the awe of my opportunity, and continue to spread unconditional happiness.

Allow me to always listen to my patients- whether it be in times of joy, pain, or sorrow. Allow me to always provide the best possible care to my patients, taking into account their whole being-and do no harm. Allow me to stay true and compassionate to the service of medicine-and not lose sight of that in tough times.

May I never forget to all power to bring happiness and not contempt, bitterness or engender a loss of trust. When it is not in my power to bring happiness, may I remember that my care is the best I can possibly give. When happiness is not possible, may I always support. May I ever remember that my duty to make another whole is the only thing that can bring me whole-ness-fulfillment-not money, not fame, not my life. Truly the people who make up my relationships and receive my care will be my life’s work.”


• “May I always see the person behind the diagnosis.Show me not only that person, but also the network of others that care about and depend on him or her. Help me remain patient. Help me to not only hear, but truly listen. May I always strive to heal, even when I can’t cure. Help me remember that a failure to cure is not a failure. May I not fear death, but instead remember to accept it as a part of life. Help me to remember that to care for others, I first have to care for myself, as the best version of myself will be the best healer. Help me to show myself the same empathy I show my patients.

I vow
-To not judge
-To not make excuses for my weaknesses, mistakes, and inadequacies. The failure, or any lack of success to my standards, is mine.
-To actually listen
-To think before I speak
-To stay curious
-To be patient
-To tackle the discrepancies that exist between our wealthiest and poorest

Allow me the wisdom to listen rather than hear. Give me the courage to face that which I do not understand. May I remember the people rather than any triumphs or failures. Allow me to experience and acknowledge my feelings rather than hide them. Give me the humility to understand and accept my limitations. May I never forget the privileges to which I am allowed. May I never feel overwhelmed by the burden, but rather, emboldened by the challenges I face.”


• “Help me, not to be afraid to be vulnerable. Help me, not to be afraid to cry. Help me, listen to myself always and know deeply what is right and stay connected to it. Help me, continue to serve others in a meaningful way. Help me, take time to care for myself before I can care for others. Help me, “celebrate lives of my patients near death rather than harboring on my failure”. Help me, to see the beauty and power in this profession, no matter how bad the day may seem. Help me, “to not burn out although I may be worn down”. Help me, to be kind, gentle, loving and empathetic. Help me, to not judge. Help me, to hold my hand when I may need it, knowing I will always be on this journey with others and never alone.”


• “Help me to never assume or judge someone before I get to know them. May I always provide care and service to others in the most competent but also humanly way possible. Help me to stay true to my values as I mentally take hardships throughout life and career.”


• “Allow me to comfort patients, even when there is no cure. Help me to listen and guide, even when there is no clear answer. Grant me an eternal thirst for knowledge. Help me never lose sight of what I feel called to do; and money or prestige, but focusing on the patients- the vulnerable, those that will truly need the unique gifts I can bring. Help me to maintain my passion for learning, service and healing, and to continue feeling this is my calling.

Allow me not to forget my worth and what I am capable of offering to medicine. To strive for laughter and peace of mind in patients and myself alike. Let the hands I use be tools to bring about healing in those around me in ways not just limited to medicine. Let me see people for their beliefs, values and experience so that I may never forget that in helping another heal, I remember to heal myself. For nothing will be more important if you forget what it means to truly help another realize what healing really means.

Help me to keep my frustrations under control. May I always find the time to help others. Show me how to always find empathy in other people’s stories. Help me remember those who have helped me. May I pay their help forward to those who need it. Help me remember that failure is a learning experience. May I never forget that I am worthy and deserving. Show me the good in everyone even if they have lost it. Help me appreciate the little successes. May I celebrate life’s events big and small. Help me remember that I am human. May I never forget that my patients are as well. Show me all facets of people good and bad, happy and sad.

Allow me to be honest, not just to my patients but to myself. Know when you need something or your patient or whomever and TRUST YOUR GUT. Take breaks, reflect so that you can know yourself better. Show me how to be accountable, grow up and appreciate the journey of growing. This appreciativeness if you can master it will seem more tangible to your patients. Allow me to learn more about myself, and not be afraid of change or bad outcomes, don’t worry.
Allow me to help others to the best of my ability, while doing no harm. Allow me to teach others to help themselves, and to make their health care and fitness more within their own power. Give me enough so I may provide for my family, but keep me from becoming too greedy. Allow me to be fulfilled while still being a part of my family and my future family’s lives. Allow me to leave healthcare in a better state that I found it. Allow me to practice in ______ but in such a way as to improve care for more than just my patients.
Let me listen and be with patients even or especially when it is hard. Give me the strength to recall the purpose and the privilege.”


• “May I be an instrument of healing to those around me. May I be healthy and balanced, but most important, never lose the focus of my passion to create and foster wellness. May everyone on earth understand we all share the language of love, and may all be compassionate with each other to have a more human and peaceful world. May I help to build a society of hope and respect, and may every family in the planet understand the solution to many of our problems comes from inside our own homes.”