Conferences and Parent Visits

Dan cello

The Center staff communicates daily with parents, both at drop-off and pick-up.  This communication gives parents the opportunity to share information with the Center staff about what their child is doing at home and the staff can likewise share information about what we are noticing about the child at the Center.  This regular communication helps parents and teachers work together to consistently support the child’s growth and development.

The Center staff arranges individual conferences with parents twice during the year to discuss their child’s development.  The staff are also available for informal meetings with parents if other issues or concerns arise.  Parents are encouraged to speak with the Center staff at any time.

The staff also welcomes parents to spend time with their children at the Center at any time.  Parents can share personal interests and talents with the children at the Center, such as music, art or cooking, or just come in to have lunch, read a book or play together!  Our goal is for the Center to be an extension of your home, a comfortable place for you and your child to share experiences and spend time together.