Summary of Activity

The Faculty Council session begins September 1, 2022 and ends August 31, 2023. It meets monthly September through May, and as needed. The minutes of Faculty Council meetings are posted, upon approval by the Faculty Council.

Please bookmark this page to stay abreast of the Council’s activities throughout the year.  Contact your Faculty Council representatives to voice your questions and concerns.

Faculty Assembly convenes twice per year.  The Fall Assembly will convene on November 7, 2022.  The Spring Assembly will convene on March 28, 2023.   The meetings are recorded and archived on the website.

Faculty Council Officers 2022-2023

Kimberly A.S. Howard
Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology
Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

Eileen B. O’Keefe
Past Chair
Clinical Professor

Department of Health Sciences
College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College

Leslie Will
Anthony A. Gianelly Professor
Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Discussions & Outcomes, 2022-2023

On May 2, the Faculty Council met with Assistant Provost David Carballo to hear an update about assessment of the BU Hub. Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment Russell Stone informed the Council about the planned rollout for a new teaching evaluation system. The Council continued its discussion from April of the Board of Trustees’ decision about civilian gun manufacturers.

On April 4, the Faculty Council met with University Provost Jean Morrison and discussed several topics including the BU Hub, test optionality for undergraduate admissions, and DEI-related concerns.  Executive Director Jennifer King and Prof. Andy Andres updated the Council about the SIS Renewal project and sought faculty to serve on an advisory committee.  Marnie Reed, Chair of the Awards Committee, presented the candidates for the 2023 John S. Perkins Award: Trysha Ahern (MED), Stacy Godnick (CGS), and Susan Norris (MED).  The winners will be honored at a ceremony and reception on May 2.  The Council also discussed the Board of Trustees recent decision not to commit to refrain from investing in civilian gun manufacturers.

On March 14, the Faculty Council met with Executive Director of Benefits Nimet Gundogan and representatives of Blue Cross Blue Shield Christine Moynihan and Dr. Thomas Hawkins.  The Council received data about employee health insurance usage for 2021-2022.  As part of new business, a Council member cited the Board of Trustee’s recent announcement that it declined to opt out of future investments in civilian gun manufacturers. Council members considered passing a resolution in opposition to this decision.  This discussion will resume at the April meeting.

The election for the Faculty Assembly Nominating Committee opened on February 7 and closed on February 14.  Using rank-order voting, the Assembly elected: Hardin Coleman (Wheelock), Terry Everson (CFA) Gisela Hoecherl-Alden (CAS), Jordana Muroff (SSW), and Shi Yang (MED). The Nominating Committee will identify candidates for Faculty Council Officers, to be elected by the Assembly in spring 2023.  It will also identify candidates for committee chairs, to be elected by the Council in spring 2022 and spring 2023.

On February 7, the Faculty Council met with Associate Provost for Community and Inclusion Victoria Sahani; Associate Vice President of Analytical Services and Institutional Research Linette Decarie; and Meghan Segoshi, Manager of Faculty Diversity Initiatives from BU Diversity & Inclusion to discuss the upcoming Belonging and Culture Survey.  The Council observed the passing of Professor Robert Volk, a longtime member of Faculty Council.  Professor Volk represented the LAW School and chaired/co-chaired a number of committees. ENG representative Professor Selim Ünlü discussed the recent devastating earthquakes in Turkey and shared information about the efforts of the BU Turkish Student Organization  and the New England Turkish Student Association to raise funds that support relief efforts. The minutes will be published, upon approval of the Council.

On January 17, the Faculty Council met with University Ombuds Francine Montemurro and Associate Ombuds Riley Barrar to discuss the ongoing concerns of faculty.  Executive Director of Student Wellbeing Carrie Landa gave a presentation about the work her newly-constituted office is doing to support students.

The December Faculty Council meeting was cancelled.

On November 10, the Faculty Council held a ceremony and reception for the 2020 and 2021 Perkins Award Winners: Kimberly Crosta, Ridiane Denis, Aline Hillman, Lena Landaverde, Colin RileyDebra Paarz did not attend the ceremony.

On November 7, the Faculty Assembly convened from 3:00-5:00 p.m. President Robert A. Brown, University Provost Jean Morrison and Faculty Council Chair Kimberly Howard gave reports.  The video will be available shortly.

On November 1, the Council met with President Robert A. Brown.  The discussion included several topics: the University budget, faculty salaries and inflation, the recent media controversy focused on the NEIDL, faculty teaching arrangements, and the efforts among graduate students to form a union.  The minutes will be published upon approval of the Council.

On October 18, the Council met with Trustee Tonie Leatherberry and members of Storbeck Associates via zoom to discuss the Presidential Search.

On October 6, the Faculty Council met with Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Amie Grills and Assistant Provost for General Education David Carballo to discuss the BU Hub assessment and methodology.  Also, Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs Daniel Kleinman gave an update about the Task Force for the Future of Ph.D. Education.

On September 30, the Faculty Council recommended Dr. Jennifer Greif Green (Wheelock) and Dr. Eileen O’Keefe (Sargent) to serve on the School of Social Work Dean Search Advisory Committee.  Also, the Council elected Dr. George J. Murphy, Associate Professor of Medicine (BUSM) to Co-chair the University Council Committee on Research and Scholarly Activities.

On September 27, the Faculty Council elected Professor Christopher Robertson (LAW) and Professor Leslie Will (GSDM) to serve on the Sargent College Dean Search Advisory Committee.

On September 20, the Faculty Council held its first scheduled session of the academic year.  Chair Kimberly A.S. Howard acknowledged Past Chairs Eileen O’Keefe and Cataldo Leone for their service to the Council. The Council discussed its strategic initiatives for 2022-2023 and the Presidential search.  Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Maureen O’Rourke joined the meeting to respond to the Council’s questions about a range of topics including use of faculty ranks, work culture and bullying, faculty compensation and benefits, and Covid-related questions.

On September 15, 2022, the Faculty Council sent a call to all faculty for nominations for the School of Social Work Dean Search Advisory Committee.  Nominations closed on September 27.

On September 12, 2022, the Faculty Council sent a call to all faculty for nominations for  the Sargent College Dean Search Advisory Committee.  Nominations closed on September 21.

On August 30, 2022, the Faculty Council hosted an orientation session for new members of Faculty Council.


Ongoing Issues of Faculty Concern

The Council regularly invites members of the leadership and academic officers to discuss current issues, concerns and initiatives and provide bidirectional communication between faculty and administration.

Faculty Representation on University Committees

In addition to serving/co-chairing University Council Committees, members of Faculty Council serve on the following University-level committees:

  • Antiracism Working Group
  • BU Hub XCC Steering Committee
  • BU Laboratory Safety Committee
  • BU Laboratory Safety & Student Education Sub-committee
  • Community Safety Working Group
  • Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Committee
  • Fulbright Campus Review Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • Grievance Committee
  • Howard Thurman Center (faculty liaisons)
  • Learning Management Systems Steering Committee, CRC
  • Mascot Committee
  • MyCV Faculty Advisory Committee
  • SIS Program Steering Committee
  • Strategic Planning Task Force
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Scholarly Resources & Services — Libraries subcommittee
  • Title IX Hearing Board
  • University Academic Conduct Board
  • University Advising Network
  • University Leadership Group and Recovery Organization Working Groups
    • Graduate/Professional Programs
    • Medical Advisory
    • Research and Clinical Operations
    • Undergraduate Programs
  • Women’s Leadership Council, MED