Perkins Award Winners, 2010

The DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS were established in 1981 by the Faculty Council and since 1984 have been sponsored by the estate of John S. Perkins, who served the University for over fifty years in various capacities as faculty member, member of the administration, Trustee, and Treasurer. These awards, presented annually by the Council to three members of the Boston University family, are in recognition of distinguished services to the University. They carry a prize of $500 and a plaque recognizing the service of the recipient to Boston University.

Eligible are all associated with Boston University (Administration, Alumni, Benefactor, Staff, Students, Trustees, and others) except for members of the faculty, who through their elected representatives, will be presenting these awards to those who have served the University with great distinction and have made important contributions toward the goals of Boston University.

The winners for 2010 are:

  • Julia Burstein, Manager, Information Systems and Services, Metropolitan College
  • Joline Durant, Manager, Faculty Resources and Support Services, School of Public Health
  • Jake Kassen, Senior Media Technician, College of Communication

They were honored at a special ceremony on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at the Castle.

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