Past Recipients of the Perkins Award

DEBORAH J. AMORI, Program coordinator, SAR Communication Disorders

JODI ANDERSON, Executive Director, All University Functions

DAVID BERNDT, Associate Director of Proposal Development, Office of Sponsored Programs

DAVID BOWEN, Assistant Director, Proposal Development, Office of Sponsored Programs

MICHAEL BONANNO, Administrative Coordinator, CAS Biology

ROBERT BOUCHIE, Laboratory Manager and the Anatomical Gift Coordinator for the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the School of Medicine

ELIZABETH BOUHMADOUCHE, Registar and Director of Enrollment Services, Goldman School of Dental Medicine

CYNTHIA BROSSMAN, Director of BU Learning Resource Network

MARILYN BRYANT, Director of Fiscal Affairs, School of Nursing

SHIRLEY BUDDEN, Director, Fiscal Affairs, School of Theology

ANDREW BURKE, Administrative Clinical & Facilities Manager, Goldman School of Dental Medicine

ERICH BURTON, Laboratory Manager, Department of Physics, CAS

DEBORAH CLAAR, Undergraduate Academic Counselor, Sargent College

BONNIE CONKLIN, Nurse Administrator Psychology Department, Center for Anxiety Disorders

CAROL CRAWFORD, Director of Administration, Office of Public Affairs

GREGORY DEFRONZO, Director of Information Services, School of Management

BOYD E. DEWEY, Assistant Dean, School of Education

ELLEN DIFIORE, Registrar, School of Medicine

LISA DOHERTY, Director of Facilities, College of Arts and Sciences

The late ALBERT DORE, MED Animal Science Center

KENNETH DOUGLASS, Senior Associate Director, Office of Residence Life

MICHELLE E. DUFFY, Director, Academic Services, College of Arts & Sciences

DONALD DUNBAR, Associate Dean, College of General Studies

JAMES DUTTON, Administrative Assistant, CAS History

SALLY EPSTEIN, Administrative Secretary, College of General Studies

KATHLEEN FERLAND, Administrative Director, School of Dental Medicine

JANICE FILIPPI, Administrative Assistant, School of Music, College of Fine Arts

JUDITH FLYNN, Assistant Director of Student Affairs, CFA

JAMES H. GALLAGHER, Librarian, Beebe Reference Library

The late MARY R. GALLAGHER, Director of the Office of University Faculty Governance

BRENDA GERSHON, Senior Staff Assistant, School of Education

MARY GILL, Administrative Assistant, School of Social Work

VICKI GLENN, Administrative Manager, Biochemistry Department, School of Medicine

MICHAEL GOOLEY, Grants Administrator, Department of Chemistry, CAS

RUTH GREENE, Academic Administrator, CAS Biology

NIMET GUNDOGAN, Manager of Benefits

The late HOWARD GOTLIEB, Director of Special Collections, later renamed Howard Gotlieb Archive Research Center

MARGARET HAGOPIAN, Director of Administration, School of Law

LORRAINE HARRIS, former Manager of the Castle

JOANNE HART, Administrative Director, African Studies Program, CAS

EILEEN HEANEY, Administrative Assistant, CAS, Art History

FRANCES HEATON, Department Administrator, CAS Modern Foreign Languages

JOANNE HEBDEN-CURTIS, Administrative Assistant, CAS Psychology

DAVID HEMERY, former Track and Field Coach

ANN H. HIMMELBERGER, Program Manager, School of Management

DAVID HOLLOWELL, former Vice-President for Administration

GUOAN HU, Computer Resources Manager, Physics Department, College of Arts & Sciences MARGARET JOHNSON, Staff Coordinator, English Department

RUTH JEAN, Associate Director of the Office of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Engineering

MARCIA JOHNSTON, Secretary, CAS Psychology

BEVERLY A. KENISTON, Director, Laboratory Animal Care Facility

DZRIDRA KNECHT, Associate Dean for Administration, SPH

the late HELENA KELLEY, School of Nursing

MARTHA WELLMAN KHAN, Graduate School Admissions

ADA KWOK, Assistant to the Chair, Communication Disorders, Sargent College

CYNTHIA KOWAL, Senior Assistant Director, Research & Proposal Development, Office of Sponsored Programs

HARRIET LANE, Administrative Assistant, CAS English

the late JOHN LAUCUS, University Librarian

ROBBIE LOHNES, Electrician

the late CONSTANCE MacDONALD, Assistant to the Dean, Medical School

FREDRIC MAJNOUN, Director of Financial and Grants Administration, MED

BARBARA MAZE, Registrar, School for the Arts

JOSEF MILER, Experimental Machinist, CAS Psychology

DENISE MOONEY, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs

JERRY MORROW, Administrative Assistant, CLA Physics

ANTHONY MOSCATELLO, former Director of the Office of Photo Services

PATRICIA MULLANE, Senior Secretary, CGS Science & Mathematics

CLAIRE O’CONNOR, Administrative Assistant to the Director, School of Music

CHRISTINE PAAL, Registrar, School of Public Health

DEBRA PAARZ, Administrator, General Internal Medicine/Department of Medicine

ANTHONY PALLET, former Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services

JACK PARKER, Head Coach, Varsity Hockey

CAROLYN PAYNE, former Coordinator, All University Functions

DENISE PARISI, Senior Coordinator, CAS Psychology

MARY PERRY, Secretary, CAS Psychology

DUNCAN PHILLIPS, Workshop Supervisor, Biological Sciences Center, B&G

JENNIFER PILTON, Graduate Program Coordinator, Manufacturing Engineering

SHARON PRADO, Executive Director, The Center for Excellence in Teaching, and Director of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

SANDRA PROCOPIO, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs, School of Management

MARILYN RICCIARDELLI, Department Administrator and Financial Manager, Socio-Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health

CELESTE RICH, Laboratory Manager, Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine

KIM RICHARDS, Director of Program Administration for Computer Science Program Metropolitan College

COLIN RILEY, Executive Director of Media Relations

PHYLLIS ROBBINS, Assistant Dean, College of Communication

RUTH SHANE, Director of the Collaborative Office for Public Education Advising

ANNA HELEN SIEGEL, former Staff Administrator, CAS Physics

CHARLES SMITH, former Vice President and University Treasurer

JOEL SPARKS, Laboratory Manager, Department of Earth and the Environment, CAS

EDDIE SPRING, Physical Plant

JANET STANKIEWICZ, Coordinator, SED Curriculum and Teaching Division

ALFRED STONE, Departmental Administrator, CAS Physics

BARBARA A. STORELLA, Administrative Secretary, College of General Studies

CHARLES GARY STRICKLER, Director of Athletics

TOM SYMANCYK, Materials Manager, CAS Biology

MARIANNE TAYLOR, Senior Grants Administrator, SED

SUSAN TOMASSETTI, Assistant to Associate Provost, Director’s Office of Military Education (Administrator of University Professors)


DONNA VIGNOGNA, former Director of Outpatient Services, University Hospital

BETSEY DICKINSON WELCH, former Academic Counselor, College of Communication

JACK WELDON, Director of Residence Life, Office of Residence Life

ILGA WOHLRAB, Assistant to the Chair, School of Public Health, Environmental Health Division.

ZHUYUAN ZHANG, Assistant Director of Finance, Metropolitan College