Past Chairs of Faculty Council

Senate Council (1973-1980) and Faculty Council
(1979-to present) Chairs

1973-74 the late Sidney A. Burrell
Professor and Chair of the History Department

1974-75 the late Ishwer W. Ojha
Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department

1975-76 Robert S. Cohen
Professor, Physics & Philosophy and former Acting Dean of the College
of Liberal Arts

1976-77 the late Joseph C. Speisman
Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department

1977-78 Ronald J. Curhan
Professor and Chair of the Marketing Department

1978-79 John J. Zawacki
Professor of Social Sciences

1979-80 Banks J. McDowell
Professor School of Law

1980-81 the late Michael J. Papagiannis
Professor and Chair of the Astronomy Department

1981-82 the late Freda Rebelsky
Professor of Psychology

1982-83 Edward Pelikan
Professor and Chair of the Pharmacology Dept.

1983-84 Ralph B. D’Agostino
Professor and Chair of Mathematics Dept

1984-85 Emily K. Dalgarno
Professor of English

1985-86 George Zimmerman
Professor and Chair, Physics

1986-1987 Sylvia J. Bruce
Professor and Chair Maternal & Child Health Nursing

1987-88 David Mostofsky
Professor of Psychology

1988-89 Eugene Green
Professor of English

1989-90 James Spruill
Professor of Theatre

1990-91 Paula Menyuk
Professor of Education

1991-92 Jules J. Schwartz
Professor and Dean School of Management

1992-93 John Dittmer
Professor of Anatomy

1993-94 James Iffland
Professor and Chair, Department of Romance Studies

1994-95 Anna Bissonette
Professor, Coordinator Elderly Health Services

1995-96 Lawrence Shulman
Professor Social Work

1997-99 Michael Mahon
Professor Humanities

1998-99 Ted de Winter
Professor of Manufacturing Engineering

1999-00 Joseph Brodley
Professor and Associate Dean of Law

2000-01 Barbara Millen
Professor of Nutritional Sciences

2001-03 William Skocpol
Professor of Physics

2003-04 the late Herbert Voigt
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

2004-06 Roscoe Giles
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Deputy Director of the Center for Computational Science

2006-08 Julie Sandell
Professor and Vice Chair Anatomy & Neurobiology

2008-10 Wendy Mariner
Professor of Health Law, Bioethics, and Human Rights

2010-12 Adam Sweeting
Associate Professor, Humanities

2012-14 Kathryn Pfisterer Darr
Professor of Hebrew Bible, School of Theology

2014-2016 Stephen J. Brady
Associate Professor, School of Medicine

2016-2018 J. Robb Dixon
Associate Professor, Questrom School of Business

2018-2020 Cataldo W. Leone
Professor, Department of Periodontology
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
Goldman School of Dental Medicine

2020-2022 Eileen B. O’Keefe
Clinical Professor, Health Sciences
College of Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Sargent College