Operations & Services is the largest and perhaps most familiar division of Facilities Management & Planning. They provide the day-to-day services necessary to support the University. This division comprises the hundreds of custodians and skilled trades workers who maintain and improve both campuses to ensure a clean, attractive, safe, and sanitary environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Custodial Operations

Custodians and their area managers work around the clock to clean and maintain dorms, classrooms, laboratories, and offices. Learn More | Request Services


The University employs an in-house staff of skilled trades workers to handle routine maintenance and emergency support. Learn More | Request Services

Operations & Services Center (CRC)
Control Center (BUMC)

The Operations & Services Center on the Charles River Campus provides emergency response services 24/7, dispatching custodians, tradespeople, and local emergency responders. On the Medical Campus these services are provided by the Control Center.