Boston University is committed to providing modern and functional facilities for Boston University students, faculty, and staff. The Construction Services department is responsible for managing the development and execution of new construction and the renovations of existing spaces across campus. They are dedicated to ensuring every structure on campus remains functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Assistant Vice President of University Construction for the Charles River and Medical Campuses oversees the Construction Services department. Each campus has an Executive Director of Construction Services who leads a staff of project managers and project coordinators in the capital planning and project management of all University construction. Each year, the department manages about 300 construction projects. In addition, the department collaborates with University administrators to determine the feasibility and priority of countless capital projects in the conceptual stage.

Capital Planning

Long before a single brick is laid, Construction Services provides historical insight and cost estimates to University administrators, while proposed renovations and new buildings are conceptualized. Through collaboration with the Office of the Provost, Office of the Vice President for Operations, Office of the Budget, and colleagues within Facilities Management & Planning, members of Construction Services participate in the University sub-SPACE Committee, which thoroughly reviews all capital projects and space changes before they are presented to the University SPACE Committee for final approval. The purpose is to ensure that all capital projects and space changes are logistically feasible, accurately estimated, and adhere to the University’s strategic plan.

Project Management

Construction Services and Planning & Design play a key role in the planning, execution, and review of all new construction and renovation projects on the Charles River Campus. Prior to excavation or demolition of a space, the client is provided scope of work documents, cost estimates, and applicable regulation reviews for all proposed construction projects at the University. Responsibilities during an active project include: coordination of project schedule, costs, and fabrication to ensure minimal disruption to occupants, cost efficiency, and quality control. Following the completion of a project, Construction Services is responsible for reviewing the completed project with project stakeholders and for providing updated operation and maintenance requirements to FM&P’s Operations & Services department.