Facilities Management & Planning is located at 120 Ashford Street on the Charles River Campus (also serving the Fenway Campus) and at 750 Harrison Avenue on the Medical Campus. Under the administration of the Vice President for Real Estate & Facility Services, Michael Donovan, the Associate Vice President, Thomas Daley, directs a team of over 750 facilities staff for BU’s three campuses.

We operate around the clock to maintain over 300 University buildings and facilities stretching from Allston to the South End. Our routine maintenance includes responding to emergencies, monitoring energy use, renovations and improvements, cleaning buildings and office space, snow removal, and landscaping maintenance. We are responsible for the year-long effort to prepare for the influx of over 25,000 people on Commencement weekend and the overnight task of cleaning 720 student rooms for visiting alumni and parents.

We also provide planning, design, and construction services for new buildings and facilities in need of renovation.  Our expert staff are committed to developing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly facilities that provide a comfortable and effective environment for living, working, teaching, learning, researching, and having fun on campus.

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