Gut Reactions

New grants put software to work on bioenergy and human microbiome

article from BU Research

Molecule Makers

A unique chemical library offers new hope for hard-to-treat diseases

video from Research

Photonic Forensics

How a laser beam and a little gold can identify body fluids at crime scenes

article from Arts & Sciences

A New Tactic for Fighting Cancer

Deeper understanding of telomeres may lead to targeted cancer treatments

article from Research

Preventing an Antibiotic Apocalypse

The business model for drug innovation is broken — universities key to figuring out fixes, says health law prof

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A New Map for Greenhouse Gas

Novel tool can help cities meet climate change goals

article from Research

The Curious Case of the Light Cigarette

What happens when consumers take things for granted?

article from Research

In Defense of Wide Hips

Just because you have a wide pelvis doesn’t mean you can’t be an efficient runner—and walker—biological anthropologist shows

article from Research

Building Brain Complexity

Unlocking neurons' secrets at the earliest stage of development

article from Research

Catching Lung Cancer Early

New test may prevent invasive procedures and save lives

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