US Rep. John Lewis (Hon.’18) to 2018 Grads: Be Bold and Courageous

Civil rights leader says the world needs them to stand up for what’s right

video from Commencement

Darcy Gould Helps BU Athletes Be Their Best

Athletics strength and conditioning coach helps improve bodies and minds

video from BU Today

Perfecting Their Katas

Shotokan Karate Club

video from BU Today

The Science of Color

CFA class teaches color scientists how color fools our eyes

article from Esprit

Physicists Uncover Swimming Secrets of H. pylori Bacteria

How the ulcer- and cancer-causing pathogen survives the stomach

article from Research

Hacking Nature

Mo Khalil and collaborators at BU’s Biological Design Center look for synthetic-biology solutions to the world’s biggest problems

article from Research

Robert Pinsky: America's Poet

How the Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet became America’s voice in verse

article from Arts & Sciences

Studying the (Body) Language of Music

Violist Samuel Kelder finds a mentor and a new technique at BU

video from BU Today

Robot Boats and Drug Subs

ENG prof and students developing autonomous boats to find drug traffickers

video from BU Today

Same Goals, Different Languages

BU’s largest gift brings life scientists and engineers together

article from Research