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Science under Our Feet

University researcher studies ecology, and climate consquences, of Boston's groundwater

article from BU Research

The Cocktail Party Problem

New study asks: are musicians better at understanding conversation in a crowd?

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Biking in Boston, Seriously

Comm Ave improvements promise a safer commute

video from BU Today

Renaissance Women

Meet Femina Shakes, BU’s all-female Shakespeare troupe

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New Law School Clinic Helps Entrepreneurs

Advising on new venture, intellectual property legal issues

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From Sketch to Screen

In their work on Big Hero 6, Frozen, and other films, alums are stretching the limits of animation and imagination

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Seafloor Ceramics

An aritst creates glazes from ocean floor sediment

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Saving an Ancestral Cemetery

The son of a Holocaust survivor searches for Jewish headstones the Nazis used to fortify Poland's roads

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Steve Grossberg's Long Walk Toward the Light

A psychologist’s lifelong search to understand the brain

article from BU Research

Seeing Space and Hearing Time

Scientists find new brain network that sheds light on attention and memory

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