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The benefits of an active mind are indisputable. Continue the lifelong adventure of learning through Evergreen—Boston University’s academic resource for students ages 58 and over.
Evergreen enables you to tap the rich vein of knowledge at one of the world’s top-ranked universities. BU is a thriving hub of ideas and creativity—around campus and in the classroom, you’ll have opportunities to discover new perspectives, share your experiences, and gain fresh insight.

  • Audit a course: Choose from hundreds of BU undergraduate and graduate courses. Watch the video to help you navigate the extensive BU course catalogue.
  • Attend a seminar: Enrich yourself with one of our seminars, designed and delivered by BU faculty with unique expertise in the field

You can also enjoy unlimited courses and/or seminars for one flat rate with an Evergreen Passport. Visit our Learning Passport page to learn more about this opportunity.

Join the lively and exciting community of Boston University. Inspire, be inspired, and share your knowledge across generations.

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