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Adam Zagajewski

Poet, novelist, and essayist Adam Zagajewski was born in Lwów, Poland in 1945. He spent his childhood in Silesia and then in Cracow, where he graduated from Jagiellonian University. He first became established as one of the leading poets of the Generation of ’68’ or the Polish New Wave (Nowa Fala). Among his collections in Polish are Pragnienie (1999), Ziemia ognista (1994), Jechac do Lwowa (1985), Sklepy miesne (1975), and Komunikat (1972).His English collections of poetry include Without End: New and Selected Poems (2003, translated by Clare Cavanaugh), Mysticism for Beginners (1997, translated by Clare Cavanaugh), Tremor (1985, translated by Renata Gorczynski), and Canvas(1991, translated by Renata Gorczynski, B. Ivry, and C.K. Williams). Zagajewski’s honors and awards include the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature, a fellowship from the Berliner Kunstlerprogramm, the Kurt Tucholsky Prize, a Prix de la Libert, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. (2005)

October 5, 2004

March 19, 2007

Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria is Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek International and a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors. (2002)

March 25, 2002

Jacek Zakowski

Jacek Zakowski is a Columnist for Polityka Weekly. (2005)

November 14-15, 2005

Slavov Žižek

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian sociologist, postmodern philosopher and cultural critic. Born in 1949 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Žižek completed his PhD at Ljubljana “University, and between 1981 and 1985 studied in Paris under Jacques Alain Miler, Lacan’s son-in-law. In the late 1980s, Žižek returned to Slovenia where he wrote newspaper columns for the Slovenian weekly Mladina, and co-founded the Slovenian Liberal Democratic Party. In 1990, he ran for a seat on the four member collective Slovenian presidency, narrowly missing office. Žižek has published over a dozen books and numerous philosophical and political articles, edited several collections and maintained a tireless speaking schedule. His works include How to Read Lacan (2006), Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle (2004), Revolution at the Gates: Žižek on Lenin, the 1917 Writings (2002), Looking Awry (1991), and For They Know Not What They Do (1991). Žižek has lectured at universities around the world. Currently he is a returning faculty member of the European Graduate School, Switzerland, and founder and president of the Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis, Ljubljana.

November 26, 2007