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February 5 | German-American relations before and after September 11

Michael Mertes
Partner at “dimap consult”, a commercial think tank based in Bonn and Berlin

Respondent: Charles Maier
Center for European Studies, Harvard University
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February 25 | The Europe the New Deal Made: Current Tensions in Historical Perspective

Ira Katznelson
Professor of Political Science and History, Columbia University

Respondent: Alan Wolfe
Professor of political science and Director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life at Boston College
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April 16 | The Future of American-European Relations

Kurt Biedenkopf
Former Minister President of Saxony

Respondent: Peter Hall
Krupp Foundation Professor of European Studies and Director of the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University
Listen to the lecture on the EU for You podcast.


November 11 | International Conference: The US and Europe: Together or Apart?

Opening Remarks: John Silber
Chancellor, Boston University

The Unification of Europe and the United States
Chair: James Hoge
Chancellor, Boston University
Hans van den Broek
Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands (1982 to 1993); Member of the European Commission, responsible for common foreign and security policy and enlargement negotiations (1993 to 1994)
General Klaus Naumann
Chairman of the North Atlantic Military Committee of NATO (1996 to 1999); Chief of Staff, Federal Armed Forces (1991 to 1996)
John O’Sullivan
Editor, The National Interest; former Editor-in-Chief, United Press International; former adviser to Margaret Thatcher
Adam D. Rotfeld
Deputy Foreign Minister, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw; former Director, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Prince Schwarzenberg
Chairman, Board of Patrons, Institute for Human Sciences; Former President, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights; former Chairman of the Advisory Board to Czech President Vaclav Havel

The Role of Europe in the Changing US Foreign Policy
Chair: Gerard Baker
Columnist, Financial Times
Ken Adelman
Member, Defense Policy Board; former U.N. Ambassador and Arms Control Director in the Reagan Administration
Max Boot
Senior Fellow in National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations; Contributing editor, The Weekly Standard
Michael Ignatieff
Director, Carr Center of Human Rights Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Walter Russell Mead
Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow in US Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations
George Soros
Chairman of the Open Society Institute and the founder of a network of philanthropic organizations active in more than 50 countries in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the
United States

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