Event Highlights: German Foreign and Defense Policy after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

In this virtual lecture, Sophia Besch, a fellow in the Europe Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, discusses German foreign and defense policy in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She talks about the context and substance of Germany’s “Zeitenwende,” or turning point and draws out the significance of the changes for Germany’s policy-making as well as the implications for German leadership in European defense policy. She concludes by laying out some indicators by which we can measure the success of the “Zeitenwende” for Germany’s defense policy going forward.

The lecture was moderated by Kaija Schilde, Associate Professor of International Relations and Director of BU’s Center for the Study of Europe.

This event took place as part of Prof. Schilde’s “Europe in the World Series,” an initiative she has undertaken as Jean Monnet Chair of European Security and Defense (2022-24). These events, exploring human, national, and European security from specific disciplinary angles, include works-in-progress talks showcasing the work of emerging scholars as well as lectures by EU-policy makers and security practitioners. The aim of the series is to prompt critical reflection by a larger public on human and regional security informed by cross-national experiences and a variety of disciplinary lenses as well as to introduce or emphasize EU perspectives into ongoing debates around security integration and global challenges.


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