Solidarity at the time of COVID-19: A Conversation with Harriet Cross, British Consul General to New England

April 17th, 2020 in News

Our series of conversations with European Consuls General on Solidarity at the Time of COVID-19 continued yesterday afternoon. Graham Wilson, Professor of Political Science and Director of Boston University’s Initiative on Cities, interviewed Harriet Cross, British Consul General to New England. Harriet Cross has been a member of Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service for 20 years. Before becoming British Consul General to New England in 2016, she served as Deputy Ambassador at the British Embassy in Yemen. The ongoing conflict there compelled her to organize the evacuation of the Embassy and she subsequently spent the rest of her posting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. While discussing the challenges she and her team have faced in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Harriet Cross also shared her impressions of Boston and its specialness. Enjoy the interview!

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