EU Views: Christian Feld

Name: Christian Feld
Nationality: German
Occupation(s): Brussels-based political correspondent for ARD German TV,
Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.
Connection to Europe:
Date of interview: May 3, 2017

In this episode, German journalist Christian Feld highlights the role of journalists in facilitating a dialogue that exposes threats to democracy in an era of “disinformation” and “fake news.” He argues that that Europeans would have more trust in the EU if the project was perceived as helping citizens, who are not interested in democracy as an abstract concept. Feld talks about the need for journalists to educate both themselves and their audiences about the digital world (including AI, big data, machine learning, and social media platforms) in order to diminish the power of echo chambers and to stimulate conversations in which groups can listen to one another and collectively create solutions, despite their differences in opinion.

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