Peer Tutoring Special Request


If you are having trouble finding an appointment that fits your schedule on TutorTrac, (, then please fill out the form below. We will respond to your request asap to let you know if we have tutors available for what you are looking for. In the meantime, you are encouraged to explore our Academic Resource Guide.

Please note that the ERC does not guarantee the availability of tutors for any particular course. From semester to semester, the ERC generally offers tutoring in approximately 150 of the more than 7,000 courses offered at the University. The majority of courses offered are at the 100 and 200 level but can, in certain cases, include 300-level courses. For a general sense of some of the courses we offer, select the general subject you are interested in on our Academic Resource Guide.

If you’re looking for either a Recurring or Guided Group appointment, and haven’t used ERC peer tutoring before, please try a Single appointment first. We typically do not schedule Recurring or Guided Group appointments during the first week of tutoring. If you find that you’d like to commit to one of these appointment types, you may return and complete this form at any time.

Peer Tutoring - Special Request Form

Please fill out and submit this form if you already attempted to sign up for a peer tutoring appointment using the TutorTrac system and cannot do so. ERC staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Please include school, course, and section. (ex. CASMA123)
  • The program operates 9AM - 11PM every day, with various options of in-person and online availability. We generally need at least 48 hours to fill special requests. We cannot guarantee that every subject is offered every day or in every modality.
  • If you have any other notes or comments, you can write it here.