FY 103 – Academic Strategies

Are you ready to master the art of learning this semester?

CAS FY103 A1: Academic Strategies is designed for students who want to take control of their academic success. Through our nine, weekly sessions, you will become aware of your strengths and identify tools to address academic challenges. You will learn techniques to manage your time more efficiently and set attainable goals for yourself. In addition, you will gain familiarity with active learning strategies that will help you synthesize and retain information more easily. Through a blend of discussions, demonstrations, and collaborative activities, the topics covered in this class will empower you to become more self-aware as learners while developing skills that will support your success in college and beyond. Register today via the Student Link!


CAS FY103 A1 is 1-credit, P/F, and does not count toward graduation requirements. It is open to undergraduate students of all years. FY103 is a ten week course that meets on Thursdays, 11am–12:15pm. This Spring, FY103 will begin on January 26 and run through April 6.

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Learning outcomes

After successful completion of CAS FY103 A1, you will be able to:

  • Create a comfortable learning environment and reduce distractions within your living space
  • Establish a weekly routine and maintain a more balanced lifestyle
  • Identify and implement appropriate learning strategies for each of your courses
  • Read, annotate, and synthesize complex texts more efficiently
  • Engage with faculty as partners in learning
  • Approach test-taking with greater confidence and deescalate test anxiety

Do you have questions about FY103? Please don’t hesitate to email us.