Title IX Listening Sessions

Thank you for engaging in BU’s Title IX Listening Sessions. A recording of the webinar can be viewed here.

We invite BU Students, Faculty, and Staff to share feedback below. All submissions will be collected anonymously.

EOO Listening Session Feedback

  • What is the best way in which the University can communicate our efforts regarding prevention and enforcement of BU policies associated with sexual misconduct and gender-based harassment?
  • How might we improve our current supportive measures (e.g., academic schedule change, housing re-assignment) with an eye toward providing equivalence of supportive measures between the complainant and respondent?
  • Informal resolution processes such as mediation, restorative justice (i.e., addressing community harm in an informal facilitated setting), or mutual agreement are permissible ways to address Title IX complaints once a formal complaint has been filed. Should the University make informal resolution processes more widely available in “Non-Title IX” procedures?
  • Should the Title IX hearing process also be applied to all or some subset of sexual misconduct complaints even if the alleged conduct does not meet the new narrow definition of Title IX? (e.g. sexual assault occurring outside the US; conduct off-campus not considered a University activity)
  • The University's existing Non-Title IX procedures for faculty and staff do not permit complainants the ability to appeal findings. Should a complainant be permitted to appeal findings in faculty and staff cases?
  • Should we consider lesser sanctions for respondents who accept responsibility for violating BU’s Sexual Misconduct policies?