Independent Work for Departmental Honors

Application for Independent Work for Departmental Honors

Independent Work for Departmental Honors is an opportunity for English majors to conduct in-depth research in an area that interests them during the two semesters of their senior year. A stimulating and rigorous undertaking, IWDH is recommended for students considering graduate school in English.

The student begins by consulting with a faculty project advisor, who is usually a professor with whom the student has already studied. Together they design a reading and writing schedule as well as complete the IWDH application, due on May 15 of the student’s junior year.

To graduate with Departmental Honors, students must complete a thesis, which will be presented to a committee of English Department faculty at the end of the academic year. The committee will consider both the thesis and the result of the oral examination to determine whether the student will receive Honors in the major. A grade of B+ or better in each semester is required to receive Departmental Honors.