Active & Activism Art Competition

  • Starts: 12:00 am on Tuesday, June 15, 2021
This competition is open to all BU students interested in spreading their creativity. Any type of art (audio/video/photo format) is accepted - visual arts, writing, photo/video, acting, dance, music, and everything in between. The art pieces should be related to the themes presented below and able to answer one of the following questions. The art piece should have been made within the last year (during the pandemic) or be made for this competition. Anything prior to that is not valid for submission. Thematic prompts: Please respond to one of two prompts, in a short paragraph: 1) How does this piece represent staying active during the past year, while this pandemic has limited our ability to socialize and go about our "normal" lives? 2) How does this piece vocalize your thoughts on activism and civic engagement? 1st Prize: $300 | 2nd Prize: $150 | 3rd Prize: $50 Submission Deadline: Friday, March 12, 2021 Judging Presentation: Thursday, March 18, 10 am - this will be the chance for each submitter to present their piece for 1-3 mins to the judges. If submitters are not available themselves or cannot send an alternative representative, they can still be considered for a top prize, but will be at a disadvantage for not being able to present.
Contact Organization:
Boston University Hillel
Contact Name:
Claire Iverson
Contact Phone:

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