The Experiential Education option is a unique offering in the College of Engineering. It is designed to integrate academic study with practical experience in industry, business, government, or a research organization. During the experience, students suspend full-time coursework and work under the supervision of a qualified professional in an internship or co-op position.

Placements vary in length, typically from 3 to 6 months, but in some cases longer, and coincide with the academic calendar (fall, spring, summer semesters):

  • Students will be enrolled in a non-credit course (EK498)
  • No leave of absence is required: students doing full-time co-ops or internships in fall or spring semesters maintain their status as full-time students

Part-time positions are occasionally available with Boston-area companies, often as continuations of full-time placements:

  • Students will be enrolled in a non-credit course (EK497)
  • Students with part-time fall or spring positions must take at least two courses to maintain full-time student status

Note: International students must have CPT authorization to participate, and are only permitted to have a placement lasting a single term; 6-month placements are not permitted.

Students are encouraged to begin the planning process in the fall semester of sophomore year to assure smooth integration with coursework. Participation in Experiential Education may delay a student’s graduation date.

Experiential Education Program Requirements

  • Undergraduates must have completed their first year of instruction
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be in “Good Standing” with the university
  • Students must have at least one semester of instruction to complete after returning from full-time position (Seniors in their final semester are not eligible for full-time experiential education)
  • Students must have the approval of their Faculty Academic Advisor and CDO Career Advisor