Sponsored by the Merrill L. Ebner Fund, the annual Engineering Portfolio Challenge is open to all students in the College of Engineering. The goal of the contest is to promote design and to showcase engineering skills. The goal is also to encourage students to create a portfolio, as it can be a powerful tool in obtaining an internship or job in industry. Material in portfolios can be anything that displays creative engineering work and skills. This could be from class work, personal projects, internships, etc.

Winners are selected in the following categories and are awarded prizes in the amount of: Best Graduate Student ($500), Best Senior ($500), Best Junior ($400), Best Sophomore ($250), Best FYS ($100). An additional prize of $500 is awarded to the student with the Best Overall Portfolio!

The 2024 Portfolio Challenge has ended. The winners are:

Best Graduate Student: Taylor Frey-Baker
Best Senior: Nicholas Hardy
Best Junior: Thomas Tran
Best Sophomore: Pippi Pi
Best Freshman: Charles Van Hook

Best Overall: Taylor Frey-Baker

Past Winners

Congratulations to our past winners! Where possible we have included a link to their winning portfolio, but note that some older sites may have expired.

2023 Contest Winners

Best Graduate Student: Mela Coffey
Best Senior: Frans Luttmer
Best Junior: Sebastian Seum
Best Sophomore: Mone Sekiguchi
Best Freshman: Adam Yanai

Best Overall: Mone Sekiguchi

2022 Contest Winners

Best Graduate Student: Andrew Garrison
Best Senior: Jessica Man
Best Junior: Mikayla Crowley
Best Sophomore: Manuel Segimón Plana
Best Freshman: Maggie Driggs

Best Overall: Andrew Garrison

2020 Winners

Best Senior: Matthew Averill
Best Junior: Aaron Hwang
Best Sophomore: Gayatri Sundar Rajan

Best Overall: Aaron Hwang

2019 Winners

Best Senior: Brandon A. Sookraj
Best Junior: Theron Tarigo
Best Sophomore: Justin Fiaschetti
Best Freshman: Trevor Melsheimer

Best Overall: Justin Fiaschetti

2018 Winners

Best LEAP Phase 1: Kristof Fogarasi
Best Senior: Daniel Poe
Best Junior: Lucas Watson
Best Sophomore: Aily Watson
Best Freshman: Austin Briggs

Best Overall: Austin Briggs

2017 Winners

Best Senior: Evi Shiakolas
Best Junior: Daniel Poe
Best Sophomore: Lucas Watson
Best Freshman: Aily Walker

Best Overall: Evi Shiakolas

2016 Winners

Best LEAP Phase 1: Alex Chang
Best Senior: David Miller
Best Junior: Zachary Lasiuk
Best Sophomore: Ashlyn Aiello
Best Freshman: Nikunj Khetan

Best Overall: David Miller

2015 Winners

Best LEAP Phase 1: Rami Hamzey
Best Senior: Armor Harris
Best Junior: Mehmet Akbulut
Best Sophomore: Joseph Beaupre
Best Freshman: Douglas Lescarbeau

Best Overall: Armor Harris