Distinguished Summer Research Fellowship

The Distinguished Summer Research Fellowship program was created through generous donations from Boston University College of Engineering Alumni. The first 10 fellowships, named in honor of Dean Kenneth Lutchen, were established in 2010 through a donation by an anonymous alumnus. In 2015 an additional three fellowships were established through a donation by alumnus Joe Healey. Each fellowship provides students with a total $10,000 for a summer. This covers housing, a stipend and research expenses. Distinguished Summer Research Fellows must work full time in the lab of an engineering faculty member for at least 10 weeks and cannot take summer courses.

Each fellowship includes $8,000 of a stipend and $2,000 for a research discretionary account to cover costs associated with the research such as research supplies, books, travel related to the research, etc. Expenditures on the discretionary account will require signature approval from an approved research supervisor. These funds do not need to be used during the summer of the fellowship; funds will be available for use on research expenses up to the last day of classes of the senior year, unless fully expended before then. Please note that the $8,000 stipend is considered taxable income (please consult with a tax professional).

Students can be awarded a fellowship at the time of admission to Boston University OR may apply after their freshman year. Current fellowships include the Lutchen Fellowship and the Healey Fellowship. The application for current engineering students is available here.

Below are videos of previous awardees, outlining the research they completed with the fellowship:

Samantha Pipe

Fabrication and Testing of Continuous Cell Culture Platform
Lutchen Fellow

David Baylies

Smart Little Boats: A Study in Underwater Acoustical Sensing and Intercommunication
Lutchen Fellow

Young Guang

Structural & Biological Characterization of Bone Marrow Lesions
Lutchen Fellow

Jordan Sweer

Three-Dimensional Printed Optical Phantoms
Healey Fellow

Samantha Chua

Investigating the Effect of Extracellular Matrix Types
Lutchen Fellow

Shane McCormack

Automation and Presentation of Sequencing Data Analysis
Lutchen Fellow

Yash Agarwal

Phoenix, Managing Design-Build-Test Workflow
Healey Fellow

Carrie Cramer

Modeling Reservation & Pricing Policies for Smart Parking
Healey Fellow

Jarrod Risley

Developing an Acoustic Tensometer
Lutchen Fellow

Elena Flynn

Understanding the Jetting Phenomenon Induced by a Bursting Bubble
Lutchen Fellow

Thomas Lozanoski

Engineering Logic Computation in Cells
Lutchen Fellow

Timothy Chong

Thermal Management Techniques for Optical Networks Between CPU & Memory
Lutchen Fellow

John Knollmeyer

Cloud Analytics using Machine Learning Techniques
Lutchen Fellow


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