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Academic Advising Reference for Fall 2022
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Advanced Credit and Dual Enrollment Guide
Accommodating Students with Disabilities: Guidelines for Faculty and Staff
Course Sequencing Tool: Intro and instructions, faculty user guide, Advisor portal 

Boston University Advising Mission Statement
Academic Advising is integral to the teaching mission of the University and engages students in a collaborative process to explore academic and co-curricular opportunities as part of a plan to realize academic, career and life goals.

Learning Outcomes:
The learning outcomes for academic advising are a shared responsibility in each school and college. Through academic advising students will be able to…

• Articulate the intent of general education, school/college, and program requirements.

• Craft, execute and continually assess a coherent educational plan, including post graduate options, based on assessment of abilities, aspirations, interests, and values.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the policies and procedures that guide progress to the degree.

• Identify and access campus resources and co-curricular opportunities to help reach educational, career and life goals.