Professor Seth Bank, University of Texas, Austin

Seamless Integration of Metals, Dielectrics, and III-V Semiconductors for Advanced Nanophotonic Devices

Abstract: We review our progress towards the seamless epitaxial integration of III-V emitters/absorbers with crystalline plasmonic materials (metals, semimetals, and doped semiconductors), as well as patterned high-contrast dielectric structures for active plasmonic, metamaterial, and metasurface applications.  We show that a variety of low-loss plasmonic and dielectric materials can be integrated into close proximity with high-efficiency III-V emitters, without degradation to their optical quality.  
sethbankAbout: Seth R. Bank received the B.S. from UIUC and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University.  After a post-doc at UCSB he joined the University of Texas at Austin, where he is currently an Associate Professor of ECE and holds a Temple Foundation Endowed Faculty Fellowship.  His research centers around the growth and application of novel heterostructures and nanocomposites to electronic/photonic devices.  He has coauthored over 250 papers and presentations and has received a PECASE, NSF CAREER, AFOSR YIP, ONR YIP, DARPA YFA, Young Scientist Award from ISCS, Young Investigator Award from NAMBE, and his students have received several best paper awards.