Professor Richard Averitt, University of California San Diego

Terahertz Quantum Metamaterials

Abstract: Electromagnetic metamaterials are typically comprised of subwavelength metal or dielectric resonators that, when fashioned as two or three-dimensional composites, result in novel optical and photonic functionalities. Importantly, the enhanced local electric and magnetic fields of these resonators are accessible leading to strong interactions upon integration with quantum materials. Ultimately, we seek to create emergent photonic composites where the whole is more than the sum of the parts. The possibilities are nearly endless with a host of quantum materials ranging from semiconductors to transition metal oxides to superconductors offering unique possibilities. This is especially true at terahertz frequencies where the electrodynamic response of quantum materials often manifest in dramatic fashion. In this talk, we will focus on terahertz quantum metamaterials (TQMs) highlighting recent examples and emphasizing that TQMs offer a two-way street to both create technologically relevant composites and to investigate fundamental condensed matter physics under extreme conditions.



About:  Professor Richard Averitt is a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of California San Diego.  He served as an Associate Professor at Boston University until 2014, and as an adjunct faculty member at Boston University through 2016.  His research interests include ultrafast spectroscopy of complex matter which includes correlated electron materials,metamaterials, and plasmonics.