ME Distance Learning FAQs

How long have you been doing distance learning?

Our program was originally created to serve Boston University’s Manufacturing Engineering Masters Degree has been in uninterrupted operation since 1991.

Can I register for a Distance Learning course if I have not applied to the Masters program?

Yes. Students are permitted to take up to 3 courses (12 credits) as a non-degree student. Non-degree students are encouraged to formally apply to the MS program after completing their second course.

I am currently working and can frequently make it to campus for class. Should I register in the distance learning section or the on campus section of my class?

Some of our students take class entirely remotely, and some have registered for distance learning as a way to hedge against the unexpected and inflexible scheduling pressures in the working world. If you expect to make use of the distance learning technologies in order to be successful in your class studies, you should be registered for the DL section. If you don’t expect to have any need for the remote class connection or for the class videos you should register for the A1 section.

Am I required to participate in class in real time or can I take class entirely asynchronously?

As they are for regular on campus students, class attendance requirements are at the discretion of the instructor. Some of our discussion based classes require regular real time participation or an equivalent. Classes with a significant project component generally require real time participation for project presentations. Classes that are mostly lecture based can generally be taken asynchronously. Please contact us for details regarding specific courses.

I will miss class due to business travel. Can I still watch the class lecture session?

The class video calendar is open to all DL students enrolled in the course. Simply click on the date of the class to catch up on the one you’ve missed or to revisit classes you’d like to brush up on.

I would like to matriculate. What are the requirements for the application?

The following credentials are required:

  1. Online application
  2. $95 application fee
  3. Complete official academic transcripts of all college work attempted
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. Official GRE score, sent directly from the testing center to the College of Engineering Graduate Programs Office (use code 3087, no dept. code is necessary).
  6. Statement of purpose (essay)
  7. Résumé