MechE Distance Learning Courses

Course Title Instructor
ME502 Invention: Technology Creation, Protection, and Commercialization Cole
ME/MS507 Process Modeling and Control Gevelber
ME 510 Production Systems Analysis Perkins
ME515 Vibration of Complex Mechanical Systems McDaniel
ME517 Product Development Fine
ME518 Product Quality Vakili
ME520 Acoustics I Holt
ME525 Technology Ventures(Formerly MN522 Technology Ventures) Cole
ME/MS526 Simulation of Physical Processes(Formerly MN526 Simulation of Physical Processes) Cole
ME/MS534 Materials Technology for Microelectronics Basu
ME/MS535 Green Manufacturing Pal
ME542 Advanced Fluids Porter
ME543 Sustainable Power Systems Caramanis
EK546 Assessment of Sustainable Energy Technologies Gevelber
ME550 Product Supply Chain Design
ME/MS555 MEMS: Fabrication and Materials Zhang
ME560 Precision Machine Design and Instrumentation Sharon
MS/EC573 Solar Energy Systems Mazumder
ME579 Nano/Microelectronic Device Technology Cole
ME583 Product Management Hauser
ME584 Manufacturing Strategy(Formerly MN580 Manufacturing Strategy) Hauser
ME706 Acoustics and Aerodynamic Sound Howe
ME720 Acoustics II Howe
ME/SE765 Production System Design Caramanis
ME778 Micro-machined Transducers Zhang
ME925 Industry Practicum Perkins