Letter From the Chair


Welcome to a community of active lifelong learning at the Boston University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Whether you have found your way here for the first time or are back for the hundredth, please take your time and learn about the new and exciting things happening in BU ECE! We are a group of about 700 students, evenly split between undergraduate and graduate, and 51 primary faculty, 21 affiliate faculty, and 15 post-doctoral associates that are passionate about what we do.

Electrical and computer engineering is essential to modern society, driving innovation from robotics, to health care, to consumer electronics. Our faculty are at the forefront of cutting edge research in areas that include synthetic biology, bioinformatics, smart lighting and communication, cyber-security, machine learning and analytics, nanotechnology, and homeland security. With over $26 million in sponsored research there is no shortage of opportunities to be involved in top tier exploration and innovation. This breadth and depth of understanding also informs and guides our undergraduate program and enhances your education. While we are large enough to have all the resources and opportunities you will need, we are small enough that you can have a truly personal experience, getting to know your classmates and your professors. As a student you will learn valuable and marketable skills with a broad societal perspective that will prepare you for a productive life of learning and accomplishment.

Boston University is a diverse liberal arts university, and your education can be enriched with opportunities across the span of the campus from literature to film, from business to law. Lastly, we exist in the vibrant city of Boston, which forms a culturally diverse backdrop for campus life. Many come for an education, but decide to stay for life.

So I invite you to have a more detailed look at our programs, at our faculty, and at your opportunities in Electrical and Computer Engineering at BU. Please contact us with any questions you may have. I’m looking forward to seeing you on campus!


Clem Karl

Professor and Chair