BME Research Facilities

BME Core Facilities: the vitality of engineering at Boston University has never been greater. The 80,000-square-foot engineering research building has been completed. Research funds from federal and state agencies as well as from industrial sources are increasing almost exponentially. More than 30 faculty were appointed to the College during the last four years.

A 250,000 square foot engineering and photonics building is now completed. All of this reflects a remarkable and continuing commitment on the part of the University to recognized the crucial role played by technology in our nation’s future. The driving force behind these changes has been the arrival of some of the nation’s leading engineering researchers, in fields as diverse as materials, artificial and natural intelligence, signal processing, photonics, neuromuscular studies, manufacturing, and molecular engineering. These research activities enable both undergraduate and graduate students to participate firsthand in research that is leading to new generations of high-speed computers, to robots that can hear and see, to treatments for paralysis, to the computer-controlled factories of the future, and to computer-aided methods for designing vaccines.