Registration for Incoming ENG Freshmen

Registering for your first semester at Boston University!

Most Engineering freshmen will take EK 125 Introduction to Programming for Engineers, A calculus course, a natural science course, a writing course, and the EK 100 Freshman Seminar in the fall semester. If you have questions or problems, please contact the Freshman Academic Counselors Dan ( and Trisha (

Please note that schedules will not be finalized until faculty advising takes place at Orientation.

The program plan for each major is found here. Undecided students should follow the Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical track if they have no interest in Biomedical Engineering. If you think you might be interested in Biomedical Engineering, please follow the Biomedical Engineering track.

Select Your Courses

Plan Your Schedule

You will register for your courses through the Boston University Student Link. You will first utilize the Planner – an online tool that allows you to create and modify your schedule before registering for the courses.

Please note that EK 100 (Freshman Advising Seminar) takes place on Friday afternoon. This course is required of all freshmen and you will need to keep 2:30pm – 4:25pm free on Fridays. This class will be added at Orientation.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the ACADEMICS tab and then select REGISTRATION.
  3. Enter your BU Login in the “User Name” box and your Kerberos password in the “Password” box. (Don’t know/remember this? Contact IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357)
  4. Click Login. (Problems? Contact IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357)
  5. Click REG OPTIONS under Fall 2018. (Problems? Have you selected the correct semester? You must select Fall 2018.)
  6. Select PLAN to make your course schedule.
  7. Select ADD for the classes you would like to add. Continue for all classes.
  8. You may need to click “Continue Search From” at the bottom of the page as some courses will have sections listed on additional pages.
  9. Important things to know:
    • Pay attention to see what the course requires (lecture, discussion, lab, pre-lab). Make sure you have all the components.
    • You may schedule classes back-to-back.
    • R indicates Thursday on the Boston University schedules. A class that meets on TR meets Tuesday and Thursday.
    • A class included in your planner does not mean that you have a spot reserved for official registration.
    • Be flexible and remember that you have plenty of support with your Freshman Counselors. Contact Dan at or Trisha for help.

STOP: Review your course plan. Do you have a math, science, and engineering course? If not, please read the degree requirements.

Register for Courses

  1. Select REG OPTIONS on the top right-hand corner of your browser.
  3. To the right of “Search by planner”, click GO.
  4. Click the box to the left of each class you need to add.
  6. Green check-marks indicate that the courses have successfully been added to your schedule. A red “X” means a section was not added and you need to select an alternate section.
  7. Review your schedule and make any necessary changes.
  8. Click on GRAPH to view your schedule.
  9. Your last step required to complete early fall registration is to sign the Academic Code of Conduct found here.
  10. Congratulations! You are now registered with the College of Engineering! Please remember that your schedule will not be finalized until Orientation.