Task Machine Competition/Mechanism and Wooden Box Workshops

Two online workshops in July 2021 to help prepare you for the early October 2021 Task Machine Competition or just to learn something new.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming Task Machine Competition

2nd Video: Click here For VIDEO of WOODEN BOX WORKSHOP.

Outline of Mechanism and Wooden Box Workshop: July Workshops Outline

Powerpoint on the Mechanism Workshop: Task Machine Competition Mechanism Workshop

Powerpoint on the Wooden Box Workshop: Task Machine Competition Wooden Box Workshop

You can make your project for the competition at home over the Summer or in the Lab in September but you will need to be trained to use the lab.  (If you work on it at home, you are advised not to bring your project on an airplane.)

To find more information on Required Safety Training, August 2021 on-line training and sign-up go to:

Required SILAB Safety Training


If you see a workshop topic you are interested in below, please visit the lab and ask for a workshop training.  An advisor will work with you to set a time that they can give you a workshop.  It may be as group or with just you. Lab Advisors are eager to do workshops, so please ask.

Workshops are for College of Engineering students only.

You MUST be on time. You will not be admitted after a workshop has begun.

Workshops are 60–90 minutes.

(If you are coming to a workshop or training session that is held after 6pm or on a weekend you will want to be sure to already have card access to the front door of 44 Cummington Mall (ERB). To do this, please go to Zaius and request access to “Ingalls” which will include the front door of ERB (you should have already received an email introducing you to Ingalls and Zaius).

Do you have an idea for a workshop – one you want to give or you would like to see offered?  e-mail

Currently students are considering a boat design workshop.  If interested, contact

Workshop Descriptions


Wondering what to do over the Break? 

Join the SILab Advisors for a Virtual CAD Workshop where you will learn the basics of computer aided design with Solidworks!!  Whether you want to design a part for a class project, a cool figurine, or a dorm organizer, Solidworks is the tool for the job, and we’re here to get you started!  It could also help you win our next competition…


We are hosting second round of Solidworks workshops to build on the material from the previous ones over Thanksgiving break. If you want to get a head-start on ME 357 content and learn how to design cool stuff, this is the workshop for you!

It could also help you win our next competition…


On line Workshop dates:

11AM – 12PM, EST, January 14th, 2021

11AM – 12PM, EST, January 15th, 2021


To sign up fill out the following form:  

You need a “” account.  If you have a problem, log off all accounts and all browsers and try again.

Zoom info will be sent to you.

Basic Solidworks workshop held over Thanksgiving Break 2020.

Basic Solidworks Workshop Curriculum written by Max Pounanov 3/20: Click Here

Solidworks Intermediate Workshop Recording 01-15-21:  Click Here


Ever wanted to design objects in your computer? Solidworks is one of the most commonly used Computer Aided Design (CAD) software in the industry. We’ll teach from scratch how to use Solidworks to create CAD models that could be used for machining, 3D-printer or for visual purposes. You will receive an email with instructions on how to get Solidworks after RSVPing.


Please load Citrix on your laptop before the Solidworks Workshop.  Advisors can help.  Guide for loading Citrix- 



Ever wanted to design objects in your computer? Creo is one of the most commonly used Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software in the industry. We’ll teach from scratch how to use Creo to create CAD models that could be used for machining, 3D-printer or for visual purposes. You can get Creo Express at: REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR COMPUTER WITH CREO ALREADY DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED.


Always wondered about how to make circuits but never got the chance to learn? We’ll show you how to solder components together and create circuit boards of various sizes and shapes.

NC Mill

Turn your creations into reality! A mill is a machine that lets you remove material from an object to create the shape you desire. The NC Mill lets you that by inputting geometric features which are then carved into your object automatically. Come learn how to operate the NC Mill.


Have an idea to automate lights in your room Want to build a robot? First step is to learn how to use a microcontroller. These little devices let you control electronic systems as basic as blinking an LED light and as complicated as a person sized robot. We’ll teach you how to use an Arduino, one of the most popular microcontrollers on the market. Basic programming knowledge is required (Arduino uses C but any other language like Python or Matlab will be sufficient). If you have an Arduino, feel free to bring it but we’ll provide if you don’t have one.

Make Your Own LED Sign

Interested in using the mill, soldering iron and any other hand-held tools in the SILAB? Are you also in need of a cool LED sign for your dorm, significant other or mom? Come to the SILAB to learn how to use the engraving function on the NC Mill and attach it to a mount with LEDs inside.

3D Printer

Used Creo or Solidworks in the past but never done anything with your designs? Want to learn about printing 3D forms from simple filament? Then this 3D printing workshop is for you! Just bring your curiosity and we’ll teach you how it all works: from the ground up!