Dean’s Imagineering Competition

Above: Recent winners of the Imagineering Competition talk about their projects.

9th Annual Imagineering Competition (October 2019-March 2020)

The College is excited to announce the ninth annual Imagineering Competition. Through the generous support of John Maccarone ENG’66, the College is again sponsoring the Imagineering Competition. This competition is designed to reinforce the ideals of creating the Societal Engineer by giving students the opportunity to express their creativity and entrepreneurial capabilities on ideas that impact people and society. The competition provides a framework where interested undergraduate and graduate students can, individually or as a team, create and enter an original project in the competition. Prizes for the competition are as follows:

1st Prize – $3,000, plus assistance with Patent submission, marketing analysis consultation, invitation to serve on Competition Committee the following year.

2nd Prize – $1,500, plus assistance with Patent submission, marketing analysis consultation

Best in Class Prizes – $500, awarded to best project from each undergraduate class (mixed teams are categorized by team leader’s year group).

Competition Guidelines:

    1. Open to all engineering undergraduates and graduates, individually or in teams. Open to other BU undergraduate and graduate students as long as there is at least one engineering student on the team. Leveraging the abilities of students from other BU colleges and schools is not only appropriate but encouraged.
    2. Projects can be started at any time during the 2019-2020 academic year. Competition applications/entrance forms must be submitted by March 20th (see below).
    3. Interested participants can email with any specific questions concerning the competition.
    4. Projects will be judged by the Competition Committee on April 9th and 10th. Participants will be notified of exact times of their presentation the week prior.
    5. Students should generate their own project ideas. No senior projects can be submitted to the competition. All intellectual property will be maintained by the student participant(s). Projects assigned as part of a course or research done in a faculty member’s lab are not eligible.
      1. The Imagineering lab website will post a list of possible project topics that you can choose from if you are having difficulty generating your own.
      2. The Imagineering Lab will also maintain a list of names of people who wish to be part of a team but have not formed one. This should allow students the opportunity of working on a team without having to find enough interested individuals on their own.
    6. Projects can address any application, but are particularly encouraged in areas at the intersection of healthcare and IT; energy and sustainability; security/cybersecurity; and Global technologies for the developing world.

Competition Criteria:

  1. Originality, ingenuity, and creativity of project
  2. Quality of design and prototype
  3. Functionality of project
  4. Relationship to areas of emphasis

Competition Awards:

The Competition Committee reserves the right to withhold any and all awards if in their judgment the project does not rise to the level of excellence as outlined in the Competition Criteria. Winners are under no obligation to patent or market their work. All intellectual property generated by the competition participants remains solely their own.

Competition Project Review Format:

A short presentation/demonstration (15 minutes) is required to present your project to the Competition Committee. Presentations/demonstrations may be open to the general public or livestreamed. During the presentation/demonstration the following areas should be covered:

  1. Origin of Idea
  2. Purpose of Prototype
  3. Design Features
  4. Build/Assembly Process
  5. Brief description of potential market and customer impact

The presentation/demonstration will be followed by a short question and answer period by the Competition Committee.

Competition Resources:

  1. The Imagineering Lab will be available for your team’s use. The lab assistants are available to answer questions and assist your team with equipment needs.
  2. Materials and parts that are not normally stocked in the Imagineering lab can be requested through the lab assistants.
  3. EPIC can also be used and is subject to its availability.
  4. Should the need arise we may be able to appoint a faculty member as an advisor.

Competition Questions:

Should you have any questions concerning this competition, please email



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Notes from Informational Meeting with Associate Dean Rich Lally – Imagineering Competition 2020

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