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Multiplication by Divisions

Fuel cell use could be one of the best ways to mitigate climate change—fuel cells work like batteries, provide efficient power and don’t emit air pollutants. But there are multiple barriers in research and development before they will be available to a commercial market.

Professor Soumendra Basu (ME, MSE) has been working on fuel cells, but, along with everyone else, was stymied by one of those barriers: the material used on the cell’s cathode was unstable and subject to decomposition. For help, he reached out to Professor Karl Ludwig in the Physics Department.

Tailor-made Robots for Situational Success

Robots are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Systems engineers are at the core of these solutions, skillfully suiting robots and computers to fulfill situational needs. As one of the top seven robotics programs recognized by Analytics Insight, SE graduate students are “pushing the boundaries of robotic systems to the next level.”

How to Make Self-Driving Vehicles Smarter, Bolder

Autonomous vehicles that can maneuver themselves around any city are already out on our public roads, says Yannis Paschalidis, but operating off-road remains a challenge. Paschalidis is testing a new self-driving vehicle with the goal of correcting that problem. These vehicles can operate on and off-road. “We are interested in developing fundamental principles that can be applied to autonomous vehicles capable of navigating themselves on the ground, underwater, and in the air,” he says.