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Could a Computer Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?

Researchers at Boston University have developed a new tool that could automate the process and, eventually, allow it to move online. Their machine learning–powered computational model can detect cognitive impairment from audio recordings of neuropsychological tests—no in-person appointment needed.

Giving Your Neurons a Nudge: ECE Researchers Use Light, Sound and Microwaves to Influence Brain Function

For all the incredible accomplishments of scientific progress, there is perhaps no problem more challenging than the ability to change […]

Monitoring and Miniaturization: Faculty Awarded $1M to Develop High-Resolution Sensors for Use with Nanoscale Devices

Professors Alexander Sergienko and Abdoulaye Ndao, working with a team of researchers at SUNY Buffalo, have been awarded a $1M […]

Unveiling the Hidden Signatures of Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells

Ideally, when medical researchers use advanced microscopic imaging techniques to examine living cancer cells, they would achieve results allowing for […]

A Laser Focus on Fighting Cancer

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer, in its many malignant forms, remains one of the most urgent and confounding challenges […]

Missed A Turn? There Might Be a Storm in Space.

These days, most people would be lost without their GPS. The Global Positioning System, and satellite-based navigation and timing services […]

Faster, Greener, Cheaper, More Secure: Yazicigil’s GRAND Project Pushes Forward with New Funding

Professor Rabia Yazicigil and her MIT collaborators are on a roll. The multi-institutional team behind the GRAND universal decoder algorithm […]