Engineering Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education at the College of Engineering

  • Co-ops coincide with summer, fall, and spring terms
  • Engineering students on full-time co-op maintain their status as full-time students; there is no leave of absence (Students on part-time co-op must take at least two courses to maintain full-time student status)
  • A co-op experience will appear on a student’s transcript as a non-credit, pass/fail course. Tuition is not charged for this course, but students will still be billed the University Registration and Student Activity fees
  • Co-ops are experiential education and therefore a part of the student’s curriculum. To be approved for co-op, academic requirements must be met. To receive a passing grade students must complete their co-op and submit post-completion forms
  • International students on student visas (F1) can be legally authorized to work a co-op under Curricular Practical Training (CPT) but certain requirements must be met, per instructions below

Cooperative Education Requirements

  • Undergraduates must have completed their first year of instruction
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be in “Good Standing” with the university
  • Students must have at least one semester of instruction to complete after returning from full-time co-op (Seniors in their final semester are not eligible for full-time co-op)
  • Students must have the approval of their Faculty Academic Adviser and CDO Career Adviser