College of Engineering Masters & PhD Class of 2020

Congratulations to College of Engineering Master’s & PhD graduates

College of Engineering
Kenneth Lutchen, Dean
Biomedical Engineering
John White, Department Chair
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Clem Karl, Department Chair
Materials Science & Engineering
David Bishop, Division Head
Materials Science & Engineering recognition page
Mechanical Engineering
Katherine Zhang, Associate Chair for Graduate Programs
Systems Engineering
Christos Cassandras, Division Head
Systems Engineering recognition page

PhD  Societal Impact Award

Lu Lan -Advisor: Ji-Xin Cheng
Precision breast cancer surgery enabled by optoacoustic imaging and sensing

Masters Societal Impact Award

First place
Yuewei Zhan – Advisor: Ji-Xin Cheng
Near-Infrared Anti-Microbial Therapy: Eliminating MRSA by Bleaching of STX

Second Place
James Dunn – Advisor: Roberto Tron
Quadcopter Drone Formation Control via Onboard Visual Perception

Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award Winners

Biomedical Engineering – Christopher Mancuso – Advisor: Ahmad S. Khalil
“Environmental Fluctuations Modulate Microbial Competition, Diversity and Persistance”

Biomedical Engineering – Kehan Zhang – Advisor: Christopher S. Chen
“Mechanotransduction Through Cytoskeleton and Junctions in Cariomyopathies”

Computer Engineering – Ahmed Sanaullah – Advisor: Martin Herbort
“Towards Hardware as a Reconfigurable, Elastic and Specialized Service”

Electrical Engineering –  Joshua Rapp – Advisor: Vivek Goyal
“Probabilistic Modeling for Single-Photon Lidar”

Materials Science & Engineering – Paul Gasper-Advisor: Uday Pal
“Improving Electrochemical Performance of Nickel-Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Cermet Anodes Employing Nickel Nanoparticles”

Mechanical Engineering –  David Lloyd -Advisor: Scott Bunch
“Engineering with Atomically Thin Materials: Making Crystal Grains, Strains and Nanoporous Membranes”

Systems Engineering – Rudi Chen-Advisor: Yannis Paschalidis
“Distributionally Robust Learning under the Wasserstein Metric”