Alumni Giving Back

There are two ways to have an impact on the College of Engineering

College of Engineering Annual Fund

The Engineering Annual Fund (EAF) allows Dean Ken Lutchen to fund a variety of student-centered programs that truly make a difference in the education and experience of our students. These programs help us produce more well-rounded “societal” engineers with a broad perspective, able to think in all dimensions of science, education, and society.

Programs supported by the EAF include:

  • BU Student Clubs, such as Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, Mini Baja & BU Racing, and the BU Rocket Propulsion Group
  • Housing stipends and salary support to allow ENG students to work in research laboratories and gain practical engineering experience
  • Engineering Book awards to help defray the cost of textbooks for deserving students
  •  Design and innovation competitions in the Singh Imagineering Laboratory.

Societal Engineer Fund

This new fund, already seeded with significant alumni gifts, is specifically designed to amplify the breadth and experience of Societal Engineers. Among other things, this fund will support new activities and guest entrepreneurs in our new Technology Innovation Concentration; students participating in our Technology Innovation Scholars program to inspire K-12 students to pursue engineering educations; our new Senior Design Project Prizes for Societal Impact; and the new Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC).


“Engineering funding can make an incredible impact on students. I was fortunate enough to receive funding from the Summer Term Alumni Research Scholars, or STARS, program, which provides housing for those involved in research during the summer. Because of STARS, I was able to stay in Boston and work in Professor Klapperich’s lab, where I assisted in the development of a microfluidic chip that will one day help improve quality of life through point-of-care diagnostics.”
Courtney Ellenson, ENG’15 – Biomedical Engineering

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