Why Choose BU-ENG as an Undergrad?

While there are hundreds of reasons to study engineering at Boston University, here are some
of the best ones...

Hands-on Intro
to the Wonder of Engineering

# ONE As a freshman, you'll take courses that introduce you to high-tech innovations driven by engineers, including those in robotics, imaging, music technology, health care, clean energy, biomaterials, information technologies, photonics, microchips and many more.

Undergrad Research Opportunities

# TWO Undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in research projects in faculty labs; most of these positions are paid. You can be part of the discovery process and may even co-author a paper presented at a national engineering conference. Positions are available during the academic year and free summer housing is available for some student researchers.

Go Global

# THREE BU has study abroad programs just for engineering students in Germany, France, and Spain, where you can spend a semester learning engineering while experiencing another culture, all without added cost.

Your Degree Program

# FOUR The College has concentrations in Energy Technologies, Nanotechnology and Technology innovation, which allow you to add expertise in a cutting-edge field to your engineering degree without additional coursework. Minors are also available throughout the College of Engineering and throughout BU. You can even be certified to teach science, technology, engineering and math in middle schools and high schools across the country through a unique STEM Educator-Engineer Program.

Go Sox, Go History

# FIVE As a BU student, you can explore American history, take in a ball game at nearby Fenway Park and enjoy the many other activities the country’s largest college town has to offer. The vibrant city of Boston is easily accessible by foot or by a public transit system that runs right through the BU campus.

A Small Community
in a Large University

# SIX At BU, you get the best of both worlds: membership in a close-knit community of engineering scholars where you get to know your classmates and professors and access to the resources and opportunities only a large research university can offer. And, virtually all classroom instruction is provided by faculty, not graduate students.

An Edge in Employment

# SEVEN We offer a comprehensive career development program just for engineering students that spans everything from résumé writing, to internship and co-op placements, to sophisticated job search capabilities. Nearly all students who use these services find a job or are in graduate school within six months of graduation.

Community Service

# EIGHT Opportunities abound to put your engineering knowledge to use through service and professional organizations, such as the BU Energy Club and Engineers Without Borders.

The Business Side
of Engineering

# NINE We offer novel programs in conjunction with the School of Management that teach students how entrepreneurs harness the excitement of developing new technologies. You will learn how engineers engage the world of business and turn ideas into real products.

Lifelong Success

# TEN Ultimately, our commitment is to ensure that the engineering experience at Boston University provides the extraordinary problem-solving, people and community skills that translate to lifelong leadership, impact and success. Our alumni include leaders in many fields of engineering, as well as doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, financial professionals, educators and others.