Final Transcript/Proof of Degree

Every enrolled student at Boston University is required to provide proof of degree earned for each prior degree earned to Boston University. This requirement should be completed prior to the start of your program. We will accept an official transcript stating your name, the institution awarding the degree, the name of the degree earned, and the date the degree was conferred. We will also accept an official degree certificate or diploma (must be in a sealed envelope from the institution or translation service).

The deadline for Fall entering students is October 15. Please note that students will not be able to register for Spring semester courses if they have not submitted proof of previous degree/s earned by this deadline. If you have not yet been awarded the degree by that time, you will need to provide an official letter or meet with administrators in the Graduate Programs Office.

In order to provide proof of degree, the transcript or certificate you provide should contain:

  • The name and/or seal of the institution awarding the degree
  • The name or title of the degree that has been conferred
  • The date upon which the degree was conferred (month and year)

Proof of final degree must be received in an official manner and be issued or translated into English. These documents will not be considered official if:

  • The transcript or degree certificate is received directly from the student and the document is not sealed (& signed or stamped over the seal) by the issuing institution/translation service. No opened or unsealed transcripts/degree certificates can be accepted by the College of Engineering.
  • The documents are received electronically, directly from the student and not the issuing institution or translation service.
  • The documents are unofficial copies or faxes.
  • The documents are received open (not in sealed envelopes as issued by the university).
  • The documents have been written on or changed in any way.

If the documents are not sealed by the previous institution, the documents may be deemed as unofficial, and the GPO will request new documents.

If you are unable to provide proof that your degree has been awarded, we ask that you provide an official letter from an official at your previous institution, on official letter head, with a date and signature, stating that all degree requirements have been met, and the date that the degree will be awarded in the future. This letter does not waive the requirement of a final, official transcript/degree certificate, but it will allow students to register for spring courses. Students will need to submit the final transcript/degree certificate after it becomes available.