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Study Abroad for Engineers


That's the word BU Engineering students use most to describe themselves after returning from a semester studying abroad. It's an eye-opener to see the world in whole new light, explore another culture and learn more about yourself than you thought you could.

Boston University was among the first to offer study abroad programs just for engineering students. You can spend the second semester of your sophomore year taking the same engineering courses you would at BU, all taught in English. You can spend a semester in historic Dresden, Germany; in the exciting and captivating city of Grenoble, France; or in Madrid, Spain, one of the world's most dynamic metropolises.

In addition to engineering courses, you take an introductory course in the local language so you can move easily through the culture. There's time built into the program so you can travel around the region, interact with the people and see the world from a new perspective.

If you're interested in another part of the world, and willing to do a bit of academic planning, juniors may take part in direct-enroll engineering programs (in English) at Universities in Auckland, New Zealand; Dublin, Ireland; Istanbul, Turkey; Sydney, Australia; or Singapore. All our international programs give you the opportunity to explore engineering on a global scale.

BU has one of the nation's largest study-abroad programs with opportunities around the world. Click here to find out more.

During Sophomore Year

The College of Engineering offers a number of study abroad opportunities for engineering undergraduates. Engineering students can study abroad in the second semester of the sophomore year in: Dresden, Germany; Grenoble, France; and Madrid, Spain. These programs are structured to replicate the second semester of the sophomore year at Boston University. All majors can participate.

In Dresden, the program is offered in conjunction with the Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden (TUD). There is no prior language requirement. Students start with an eight-week intensive German-language course and a sociology course about the culture and institutions of German society. Additionally, students take three of four technical courses: CAS MA 226 Differential Equations, CAS PY 313 Modern Physics, ENG BE 209 Principles of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology, ENG EK 307 Electric Circuits. These courses are taught in English and appear as BU courses on the Boston University transcript. The programs in Grenoble (University of Grenoble) and Madrid are structured in a similar fashion.

Approximately 20 percent of College of Engineering students participate in one of these sophomore study abroad programs.

Note: All programs are subject to sufficient enrollment.

During Junior Year

Juniors can study abroad in direct enroll programs at five sites: National University of Singapore, Dublin City University, Sydney University, the University of Auckland or Sabanci University. In these programs, students enroll in courses already offered at these universities. Student must do the research to identify courses at the abroad site and get approval to use these courses towards their degree requirements. These programs do not work for all students in all majors and require more effort by the student to organize.