Change Class Standing

Petition to Change Class Standing – Graduation Date

Class year is determined by the number of Boston University and/or external credits that you have applied towards your degree and does not include courses for which you are currently enrolled. Class year standings are as follows:

  1. First-Year (U1) – 0-31 credits
  2. Sophomore (U2) – 32-63 credits
  3. Junior (U3) – 64-95 credits
  4. Senior (U4)– 96+ credits

Students must complete the following steps in order to request a change of class standing/graduation date.

  • Discuss your courses and your plans with your Faculty Advisor.
  • Submit a Petition to Change Class Standing/Graduation Date
  • Submit an Academic Plan of Completion along with your Petition to Change Class Standing/Graduation Date, detailing semester by semester how & when your remaining requirements will be satisfied.

Please note the following:

  • Class standing/graduation date must coincide, if your request is approved, the petition is irrevocable.
  • Requests will be reviewed and processed at the conclusion of the Spring Semester, effective the following fall.
  • Any outstanding or pending petitions or transfer credit requests must be resolved before your petition will be reviewed
  • Student choosing to request January graduation are not eligible to participate or petition to participate for the prior May commencement.
  • Changing class standing and graduation date may affect future financial aid; we strongly recommend that you consult with the Office of the Financial Assistance at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, (617) 353-2965 to verify any impact for you before requesting a change in class year.
  • International students should consult with the ISSO at 888 Commonwealth Avenue, (617) 353-3565 prior to requesting a change in class year, as this could impact your visa status.

Change Class Standing Form