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College of Engineering Awards

Distinguished Professors of Engineering

The title of Distinguished Professor of Engineering is awarded to senior faculty members who have had a lengthy, distinguished record of impact in research and service to the College and to their profession. The title will be retained throughout their career at BU.

Charles DeLisi Award and Lecture

The Charles DeLisi Award and Lecture recognizes faculty members with extraordinary records of well-cited scholarship, senior leaders in industry and extraordinary entrepreneurs who have invented and mentored transformative technologies that impact our quality of life, and provides the recipient with a public forum to discuss his or her work before the Boston University academic community and the general public.

Distinguished Scholar Award

Dorf-Ebner Distinguished Faculty Fellow Award

The Dorf-Ebner Distinguished Faculty Fellow Award is a five-year appointment given to mid-level tenured faculty who are on a clear trajectory toward exemplary leadership careers and making significant contributions to their field.

Early Career Excellence Award

The Early Career Research Excellence Award annually celebrates the significant, recent, high-impact research achievements of exemplary tenure-track faculty who are within 10 years of receiving their PhD.

Innovative Engineering Education Faculty (IEEF) Fellowship

The IEEF Fellowship is chosen by Dean Lutchen to honor faculty whose achievements as an innovative educator in engineering and capacity to further enhance engineering education at the College in a sustainable way.

Boston University Awards

Innovator of the Year Award

The BU Innovator of the Year Award recognizes a university faculty member whose research and ideas have led to inventions and innovations that benefit society at large and also show potential for commercialization and wider adoption. The award seeks to highlight the critical importance of entrepreneurship and translational research at Boston University.

Metcalf Cup & Prize

The Metcalf Cup and $10,000 Prize for Excellence in Teaching is an award created to establish a systematic procedure for the review of the quality of teaching and the identification and advancement of those members of the faculty who excel as teachers.

William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professorship

These professorships were established as a way of recognizing the University’s most distinguished faculty. The award is intended to be the highest honor bestowed upon senior faculty members who will continue to be involved in research, scholarship and teaching, as well as the University’s civic life.

Peter Paul Career Development Professor

This highly-competitive professorship is awarded to elite, young faculty at Boston University, irrespective of college or discipline.