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MS/MBA in Product Design and Manufacture

This dual degree program with Questrom School of Business prepares recent graduates or practicing professionals who are committed to careers in industry to assume leadership positions in manufacturing management.

Degree Type

  • Masters

Minimum Requirements

  • 72 (part-time)/ 80 (full-time) Credits

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Questrom School of Business offer a coordinated Master of Science in Product Design and Manufacture/Master of Business Administration program which prepares recent graduates or practicing professionals who are committed to careers in industry for positions as manufacturing managers. Individuals taking courses on a full-time basis complete the program in two calendar years and receive two degrees. Students applying to this program must complete both the Questrom School of Business application and the College of Engineering application

Program Requirements

Students pursuing the joint MS/MBA at the Questrom School of Business and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering (ENG) must give special attention to the course requirements of both schools. Students should meet with their academic advisors in both schools before the first semester and as needed during the program.

Requirements for Dual Degree

Students must meet all of the requirements for the degree in each school AND must take at least 80 credits (full-time) or 72 credits (part-time, part of PEMBA). Students must take a minimum of 32 credits from the College of Engineering and 40 credits from Questrom. The 8 remaining credits may be taken at either school. No courses can be double counted towards both degrees. Students who pass the Questrom waiver exam or transfer credit for a course must take a Questrom course to replace it. If a student wishes to pursue both degrees separately, a total of 96 credits are required.

Product Design and Manufacture Requirement

Students must take a minimum of 32 credits (8 courses) for the engineering portion of the dual degree, including both core courses and electives. The 32 credits may include a thesis or an engineering practicum, depending upon preference. All engineering courses are four credits. The credits must be structured as follows:

Core Courses (Choose 5 courses; 20 credits)
Advanced Product Design (Fall) | Advanced Product Design (Spring) | Production Systems AnalysisProduct Realization |Manufacturing and Supply Chain Strategy

Design and Manufacturing Electives (Choose 2 courses, 8 credits)
Product Quality | Simulation of Physical Processes | Green Manufacturing | Intro to Finite Element Methods and Analysis | MEMs: Fabrication and Materials | Additive Manufactuing | Precision Machine Design | Soft Robotics | Medical Robotics | Nano/Microelectronic Design Manufacturing

Engineering Elective (Choose one 500 or 700 level course, 4 credits)

Satisfied by Product Realization

Other Engineering Considerations

Availability of Summer Courses:

Engineering courses are typically offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. Some engineering courses may be available during the summer, depending upon faculty availability.

Taking Engineering and Business Courses Concurrently

It is advisable to take both engineering and business courses concurrently because 1) the juxtaposition of studying in two fields helps with integrating concepts from both disciplines and 2) it avoids having to take three to four technical courses at the same time.

MBA Requirements

Students must take 40 credits of business courses at the Questrom School of Business.

School of Business Considerations

With the MBA+ MS in Product Design & Manufacture, you’ll develop your ability to generate compelling new ideas—as well as the passion and leadership skills to translate those ideas into the practical design and mass production of innovative and cost-effective new products.

Full Time MBA students must complete 80 full-time credits (72 part-time) and meet the requirements of each degree, including 40 credits at Questrom and 32 at the College of Engineering (ENG). The remaining eight credits are free electives that can be completed at either school. Professional Evening MBA students may complete this program with 32 credits from Questrom and 32 from the College of Engineering, with eight credits of free electives.

You’ll find more information on the MBA portion of the dual degree on Questrom’s MBA+MS in Product Design & Manufacture degree page.

Summer Options

It is possible to complete the 80 credits by taking courses in the summer sessions(s). Please see the advisors in both schools regarding exceptions to standard course planning.

It is also possible to gain valuable experience during the summer(s) by pursuing an engineering co-op or management internship. More information about opportunities for hands-on experience may be obtained from the Career Center at the Questrom School of Business and the College of Engineering.

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