ME Graduate Design Fellowships

At the graduate level, a company-designated “Design Fellowship” has been established through the Merrill Ebner Fund.  The structure of this Design Fellowship has been set up as a 16-month experience leading to a Master’s degree. Design intensity is provided in the program by four elements:

  1. Graduate course work with special emphasis on the M.S. program option in Sensors and Instruments,
  2. Paid design assignments for 20-30 hours per week at the sponsoring company,
  3. Participation with a faculty design mentor providing an opportunity for the student to enhance the design and computation component in a senior or graduate course (referred to here as a “design practicum”), and an
  4. M.S. thesis with a design thrust.

Tuition costs are shared between the College of Engineering and the sponsoring company and a book stipend is provided.  Since 2005, The Raytheon Company has been the primary supporter of Design Fellows.