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  • Michael Albro, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE, BME)
  • Stephan Anderson

    Associate Professor (BUSM, ME)
  • Sean Andersson, Ph.D.

    Interim MechE Department Chair & Professor (ME, SE)
  • Stormy Attaway, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME)
  • John Baillieul, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Professor (ME, SE, ECE)
  • Paul Barbone, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE) Associate Chair for Graduate Programs
  • Eytan Barouch, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME)
    Areas of Interest Simulation of industrial processes * Numerical analysis * Algorithm development Professor Barouch’s main current interest is a combination of numerical analysis with specific practical problems of electromagnetic applications. These include: Simulations of microchip fabrications using non-uniform grid transforms to reduce the storage and file size required so practical results can be obtained in […]
  • Soumendra N. Basu, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE) Associate Division Head (MSE)
  • Calin Belta, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, SE, ECE) Director of BU Robotics Lab
  • Thomas Bifano, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE, BME, ECE); Director, Photonics Center
  • James Bird, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • David Bishop, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, Physics, MSE, ME, BME) Head of the Division of Materials Science & Engineering Director of the CELL-MET Engineering Research Center
  • Greg Blonder, Ph.D.

    Visiting Scholar
    Visiting scholar Greg Blonder is a scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He was a Professor of the Practice in the Mechanical Engineering department from 2015-2021. Greg began his professional career as a bench scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and over a 20-year period rose to the position of Chief Technical Advisor for the corporation. As a Research […]
  • William Boley, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Keith Brown, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE, Physics)
  • Scott Bunch, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • James Chapman

    Assistant Professor
  • Steve Chomyszak

    Professor of the Practice
    Professor Stephen Chomyszak holds a degree in Industrial Design from Syracuse University and a M.S. General Engineering from Stanford University.  He combined creativity with technology and started a company, Mechanology, to develop machinery used in the renewable and reclaimed energy sectors.  He holds U.S. and International patents and invented and developed novel technology under contract […]
  • Dan Cole, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME) Director of Master’s Degree Programs
  • Chuanhua Duan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Kamil Ekinci, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Caleb Farny, Ph.D.

    Master Lecturer (ME) Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs
    Research Interests Physical acoustics * Medical therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound applications * Cavitation detection * Transcranial ultrasound imaging Professor Farny’s chief research interests center on physical acoustics, with a focus on medical applications of ultrasound. His past research has examined effects of bubble cavitation on ultrasound-induced heating in tissue, and diagnostic methods for detecting the presence and […]
  • Louis C. Gerstenfeld, PhD

    Professor, Department Orthopaedic Surgery, Boston University School of Medicine Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students), Boston University School of Medicine, Division of Graduate Medical Sciences Research Professor, Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry (ME)
    My expertise is in the area of skeletal tissue biology. I have studied skeletal biology for more than 30 years and have broad knowledge across many areas in the field, including metabolic bone disease and orthopedic-related diseases. I have carried out numerous preclinical assessments of pharmacological compounds as they relate to safety and efficacy in […]
  • Michael Gevelber, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE, SE)
    Selected Patents M.A. Gevelber, D. Wroblewski, “Feedback Enhanced Plasma Spray Tool: molten plasma flux control “, 5/31/2011, U.S. Patent  7,952,047. B. Vattiat, D. Wroblewski, M. Gevelber, “Plasma State and Flux Sensor”, 9/6/2011, U.S. Patent 8,013,994. D. Wroblewski, M. Gevelber, P. Gallagher, “Automated technique of measuring room air change rates in HVAC system”, U.S.,  PCT Application […]
  • Srikanth Gopalan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Sheryl Grace, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME)
    Research Interests Aerodynamics * Fluid dynamics * Acoustics Professor Grace’s interests lie in the fields of unsteady aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. She focuses on creating analytical and computational models of the mechanics which create sound and vibration. She is most interested in applications in which the vibration and sound result from the interactions of unsteady flows […]
  • Enrique Gutierrez Wing Ph.D.

    Master Lecturer
    Recent publications: Estrada, Q., Szwedowicz, D., Gutierrez-Wing, E., Silva-Aceves, J., Rodriguez-Mendez, A., Elias-Espinosa, M., Vergara-Vazquez, J., Bedolla-Hernandez, J., Energy absorption of single and multi-cell profiles under bending load considering damage evolution, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, vol. 233, Issue 8, 1 July 2019, Pages 2120-2138 Cruz, P., […]
  • William Hauser, Ph.D.

    Visiting Scholar (ME)
    Research Interests Product development * Manufacturing strategy * Product remanufacturing Professor Hauser teaches in the areas of engineering practice, product development, manufacturing strategy, and the interaction of technical decisions with the business environment.
  • Douglas P. Holmes, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Catherine M. Klapperich, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, MSE, ME)
    Catherine Klapperich is the Director of the Laboratory for Diagnostics and Global Healthcare Technologies and a member of the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  Before coming to Boston, Dr. Klapperich was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the lab of Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, and was a Senior Research Scientist at Aclara Biosciences in […]
  • Emma Lejeune, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME)
  • Tony Linn, Ph.D.

    Professor of the Practice
  • Sean Lubner

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
    Sean Lubner, core faculty with the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS), is an assistant professor at Boston University in mechanical engineering and materials science engineering. Before joining BU, Lubner was a research scientist at MIT and a Seaborg Fellow research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • J. Gregory McDaniel, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Elise Morgan, Ph.D.

    Maysarah K. Sukkar Professor of Engineering Design and Innovation (ME, MSE, BME) Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development
  • Ray Nagem, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME)
    Research Interests Structural dynamics * Random vibration * Wave propagation * Inverse problems Professor Nagem is developing a computational model for wave propagation in coupled fluid-elastic systems that he applies to large-scale problems in the ocean environment while a visiting scientist at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. He also specializes in the theory and applications […]
  • Ara Nazarian, Dr.Sc.

    Visiting Researcher Associate Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Uday Pal, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
    Selected Publications • Zhikuan Zhu, Chibuzor Darl-Uzu, Uday Pal, Srikanth Gopalan, A Mohammed Hussain, Nilesh Dale, Yosuke Fukuyama, Yohei Miura, Yutaro Miyoshi, Soumendra Basu, “Comparison of Cu–Mn and Mn–Co Spinel Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47 (87), 2022, 36953-36963; • Zhikuan Zhu, Michelle Sugimoto, Uday Pal, Srikanth […]
  • Harold Park, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
    Research Interests Computational Nanomechanics * Mechanics of two-dimensional nanostructures * Mechanics of soft, active materials * Long timescale atomistic modeling for proteins and amorphous solids * Coupled physics (electro and opto-mechanical) nanoscale phenomena Harold Park is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University.  His research focuses on developing and applying new computational techniques for […]
  • James R. Perkins, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, SE)
    Professor Perkins is an affiliated faculty with the Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) and a faculty member of the Division of Systems Engineering.  He is a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering […]
  • Alyssa Pierson, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, SE)
  • Tommaso Ranzani, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE, BME)
  • Sheila Russo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Emily Ryan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Andrew Sabelhaus, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, SE)
  • Andre Sharon, Ph.D.

    Professor (MSE, ME) Director of the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Engineering
  • Anna Thornton Ph.D.

    Professor of the Practice (ME) Director of EPIC
    Dr. Thornton earned her B.S.E. from Princeton University and her Ph.D. from Cambridge University. She started her career as a faculty member in MIT’s Mechanical Engineering department. During her time at MIT, her research focused on product development, manufacturing, and quality systems. After leaving MIT, she was a senior partner in Analytics Operations Engineering. At […]
  • Roberto Tron, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, SE)
  • Brian Walsh, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, ECE)
  • Hua Wang, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, SE) Associate Division Head, Division of Systems Engineering
  • Jörg G. Werner, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Alice White, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE, BME, Physics)
    Alice White joined the College of Engineering of Boston University in 2013 from Bell Labs, where she held various leadership positions including Director of Materials Physics Research, Director of Integrated Photonics Research, VP of the Physical Technologies Research Center, President of the NJ Nanotechnology Consortium, location leader for Bell Labs North America, and finally Chief […]
  • Katherine Yanhang Zhang, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, BME, MSE)
  • Xin Zhang, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, ECE, BME, MSE)