MSE Innovation Grant Program

The MSE Innovation Grant Program is a pathway for appointed BU MSE professors to secure up to $100,000 for MSE PhD student support over two years. It comes as a solution to the constrained funding opportunities available for projects that are considered high risk/ high reward. The program encourages big-impact projects that are based on new discipline ideas or paradigms in materials science.

2020 MSE Innovation Grant Recipient: Professor Michael Albro

Project Title: Hypodermic Needle-Based Raman Spectroscopy for Early-Stage Osteoarthritis Diagnostics


The MSE Innovation Grant Program was launched in 2012 and underwent an update in 2020. Between 2012 and 2017, the program offered $10k grants to multiple researchers per year. It was a non-recurring gift that could be used for equipment, student/post-doc salary or for research related travel. 2012-2017 grant winners.